How Leisure Learning Works

Don't have time for Lunch and Learn?  Too much; work to do, kids to watch, duty to cover, delicious lunch to eat, hanging out and relaxing to do? Well now you can learn at your leisure.  Leisure learning is self paced online introductions to new ideas that would normally be presented in Lunch and Learn.  Don't worry, if you love Lunch and Learn and still want to be there for the amazing information and snacks, It will still be held on your campus.  Leisure Learning is just a new opportunity available to teachers who don't want to miss out on new ideas.

On a Leisure Learning page you will find all of the resources for the training including the sign in sheet, example materials, presentation, and reflective survey.  If you complete all of these steps you can earn PD credit in Eduphoria.  There is no timer, you can work through these at your own pace.