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103 Class Dojo


Communicate with Parents and provide feedback about students through Class Dojo.

104 Fast Form


Fast Form is a Google Forms add-on that allows you to quickly insert Special Character, Subscripts, and Superscripts into your Google Forms.

105 Google Keep


Use Google Keep to gather resources that you find, make notes about your ideas, save photos that you want to go back to later.   

106 Google Translator


Use Google Translate to communicate with students or parents.

107 Plickers


Track your students responses with Plickers.

108 Powtoons


Create yourself or have your students create a PowToon video presentation. 

109 Swivl


Share a lesson video with a Swivl Robot.

110 Online Textbook


  Have your students complete a lesson or activity through the online textbook in ClassLink.

111 Trail Blazer


If you are one of the most amazing teachers in the school district and you helped me test out a new idea this is the badge I gave you a special invitation to apply for.  

112 Trello


Have students organize ideas and collaborate together with Trello

113 Piktochart


Have students create an info-graphic to show what they have learned.   

114 IXL


Have your students practice their skills by completing activities on IXL.com

115 Bloomz


Use Bloomz to communicate with parents.

116 iTranslate


Use iTranslate to help your ESL students communicate and understand.  You could also use iTranslate to explore foreign cultures and learn foreign languages.  



Experience Augmented Reality Art with the EYEJACK app.

118 No Red Ink


Get your students learning with interactive custom tailored activities in No Red Ink.

119 Picmonkey


Create designs to support your class with PicMonkey.  Have students create images to show what they have learned.  

120 Doceri


Use Doceri to teach your class free from the PC.

121 SignUpGenius


Manage events, volunteers, or even class projects with SignUpGenius.  

122 iDoceo


Organize and manage your class room information with iDoceo.

123 ReadTheory


Meet your students individual learning needs through adaptive reading comprehension activities on ReadTheory.

124 News ELA


Get your students engaged in reading and comprehending with adaptable articles from NewsELA.  

125 XtraMath


Help kids mater basic math facts with XtraMath.

126 GoNoodle


Get your students up and physically involved in learning with GoNoodle Videos.

127 Class Tag


Communicate quickly and easily with parents through ClassTag.

128 Spelling City


Expand your students reading comprehension and knowledge of vocabulary words with Spelling City.

129 Google Calendar


Keep track of all the meetings you have to attend and when you need to be there with Google Calendar.  Share important school events with your students through Google Calendar.

130 ZipGrade


Want old school tech with a new twist? Try Zipgrade to quickly grade scantron answer documents with your phone.  

131 Symbaloo


Organize web links for a student activity using Symbaloo.  Or have student research and gather great resources to share with Symbaloo.

132 Oral Testing


Do you go above and beyond to help your student be more successful with testing by digitally providing testing accommodations with screen casting or inserting audio commentary into a slide show?  This might be the badge for you.  

133 Google Earth


Use Google Earth and or Google Tour Creator to take your students on a journey exploring locations locally and around the world.

134 Lead4Ward


Find and implement TEKS based lesson plans and STAAR practice through Lead4Ward.  

135 Book Wizard


You can use Scholastic Book Wizard to find new books or identify reading levels of books for your students to make sure they are reading on level.

136 Education Galaxy


Have students practice skills and knowledge through individualized learning programs in Education Galaxy.  

137 Language Learner


Have your students use a language learning app like Duo Lingo to practice new language skills.

138 Discovery Education


Engage students in the vast list of resources available through Discovery Education.  

139 Story Time


Have students watch online videos of someone reading story books.  For Example Storylineonline.net, The Willard Sisters, Godwin Celebrity Readers, etc.

140 Study.com


Keep students engaged reviewing concepts through fun kid level videos on study.com

141 NumberRock


Engage students in fun and catchy math songs that will reinforce concepts learned in class.

142 MysteryScience


Use TEKS aligned Mystery Science lessons and videos in class to explore science concepts in greater depth.

143 Epic Books


Get students engaged in reading with a vast library of eBooks and audio books at get epic.com

144 Prezintation


Use Prezi or better yet have your students use Prezi to create a presentation explaining a topic.  

145 Spark


Have students create images or video in Adobe Spark to show what they have learned.

146 Remind


Communicate with Parent or staff through Remind.

147 iMovie Maker


Have students produce video projects with iMovie.

148 Video Conference


Hold an online meeting with a program like but not limited to Google Hangouts or ZOOM.us with your students or colleagues.

149 In Local News


Engage students exploring local news websites to keep up with current events.  

150 Spinners


Use a random spinner or selection tool like Wheeldecide.com to take the pressure out of choosing a student or group to perform a task.

151 Calm'em Down


Relax and refocus your students with soothing sounds such as Rain and Thunderstorms on YouTube or Calm.com

152 Lone Star Learner


Build students Reading Comprehension skills with online activities in LoneStarLearning.com

153 Smart Board


Engage Students in an interactive Smart Board lesson.

154 ClassroomQ


Queue up your students for help from the teacher with ClassroomQ.

155 Zzish


Create an assessment for your students in Zzish to track who is understanding concepts and who needs more help.

156 AAASpelling


Get your students practicing their spelling words with AAAspell.com activities.

157 Unique Learning Systems


Unique Learning System provides Special Education curriculum with lesson plans and activities designed to meet all students at the level and meet their needs.

158 WebQuest


Send your class on a student centered adventure through the internet to find answers and information.  Provide students with a list of questions and let them find the answers where they can.  You can also provide a specific website you want them to use for lower level students.

159 Splash Math


K-5 online curriculum aligned math activities and concepts.  Splash Math provides reports on student progress and offers diagnostic assessments.  Great for group review activities on interactive smart board.

160 Times Tales


" Times Tales® is an award winning,  innovative, mnemonic-based program that makes it fun and easy to memorize the upper multiplication facts.  Times Tales® utilizes visual, simple stories to provide students with a “memory peg” which allows quick and effortless recall of otherwise abstract facts. "

161 Bouncy Balls


Bouncy Balls is a fun tool for monitoring classroom volume levels.  Bouncy Balls uses visual and audio cues to warn your class to be quiet.

162 Watchkin


Watchkin is a safer way to show youtube videos in class.  Watchkin blocks adds and video recommendations to help avoid awkward moments in class.

163 Sketch Notes


Sketch notes or visual note taking is a different way of taking notes.  This can be a great way for visual learners to process information.

164 Paper by 53


" Bring your ideas to life in all their messy glory. Paper’s perfectly-tuned tools make it easy to sketch, type, paint, draw — wherever your thoughts take you. "  Paper is a great tool for drawing as well as sketch note taking.

165 Ozobots


Ozobots are little robots that your students can code and program to perform tasks.  Ozobots can follow colored lines and respond to code that it encounters on a surface.

166 Photography


Have your students capture life around them with a digital camera.  Photography can be used to capture images of work students have created and add their work to a digital portfolio.

167 Book Creator


Students can use Book Creator to create many types of books including interactive stories, science reports, instruction manuals, about me books, comic adventures, etc...

168 Cool Math


Coolmath.com has interactive math lessons.  Watch out for coolmathgames.com though.  The games website has a lot of non-educational games and I don't recommend it.  

169 Story Bird


With Story Bird students can create their own eBooks or read books created by others

170 Countdown Timer


Find a variety of different countdown timers to use in your classroom.

171 Team App


" Team App is a platform that allows teams and social groups to improve communication by creating their own smartphone app. "

172 ClassHook


 Classhook allows you to search for video clips from popular TV shows and movies that are educational and relevant to your topic.  There are filters to narrow down your search based on grade level and clip length.   

173 Badge Builder


Have you submitted a new badge idea through the badge submission form?  Was it approved and added to the list?  If you answered yes to both of those questions you can apply for #173 Badge Builder.

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