Badges C

151 Calm’em Down

Relax and refocus your students with soothing sounds such as Rain and Thunderstorms on YouTube or

40 Canva

Create a professional looking  image with Canva to enhance an activity, presentation, or website. (Free and paid options)
“After doing research on an animal with special characteristics to survive extreme heat or cold, I had students use Canva to create a flyer.” Megan Turner at Godwin

84 Choice Eliminator

Use the Choice Eliminator 2 Google Forms add-on to remove choices from a list once they have been selected.  This is a great tool for any sort of “sign up” you need to have from parent teacher conferences to put lucks. (FREE)

51 Chromebooks

Get students diving in to using technology in class on Chromebooks.  

60 ClassCraft

Build a game of ClasCraft to motivate your students to compete and achieve more. (Free and paid options)

103 Class Dojo

Communicate with Parents and provide feedback about students through Class Dojo.

Class Equity

Immerse your students in a Class Equity experience. Use the Class Equity system to develop a digital economic system in your room.

188 ClassKick

Use ClassKick to present an interactive lesson or proctor an online exam.

172 ClassHook

Classhook allows you to search for video clips from popular TV shows and movies that are educational and relevant to your topic.  There are filters to narrow down your search based on grade level and clip length.  

Classwize Live

Use Classwize to monitor and keep your students on task while working on their Chromebook. Thanks to Mrs. Patterson at Southard, Mrs. Fisher at Mayfield, and Mrs. Berger at Mattei for these Classwize ideas.

Classwize Rules

Set up some fantastic rules for your class sessions in Classwize. Thanks to Mrs. Patterson at Southard, Mrs. Fisher at Mayfield, and Mrs. Berger at Mattei for these Classwize ideas.

Classwize Focus

Keep your students intently focused on their assignment and not wandering around the internet with ClassWize focus sessions. Thanks to Mrs. Patterson at Southard, Mrs. Fisher at Mayfield, and Mrs. Berger at Mattei for these Classwize ideas.

202 Classroom Booksource

Here is a really cool tool for managing your own classroom Library. Thanks to Mrs. Bagale for the recommendation!

1 Classroom Layout

 Break the mold of boring desks in rows and organize your classroom in a more engaging way.  This can be as simple as organizing your desks into groups or as advanced as incorporating different flexible seating options. (FREE)
“My students benefit from the layout of my classroom. They are able to collaborate together when possible.” Melissa Moses at Lowe

76 ClassroomScreen

Communicate with and manage your room using ClassroomScreen.  (FREE) 

154 ClassroomQ

Queue up your students for help from the teacher with ClassroomQ.

127 ClassTag

Communicate quickly and easily with parents through ClassTag.

CLI Engage

Assess your students progress thro8ugh out the year with TPRI , TXKEA, and more.
“Its great to see where students are and how they have improved throughout the year.” Hailey Muth at Lacy

280 CommonLit

Find and assign age appropriate reading activities for you r students. Activities can be sorted by genre, theme, literary devices, and state standards. From Mrs. Dixon at Clark MS “I like this because I can use it both online or in print form.”
Also Mrs. Katie Smith at Lovelady HS “Students can work on comprehension and analysis skills but also make connections to the main text studied in class to a supplemental text.”

195 CosmoBuzz

make your in class game show experience more exciting and accurate with CosmoBuzz.

168 Cool math has interactive math lessons.  Watch out for though.  The games website has a lot of non-educational games and I don’t recommend it.  

170 Countdown Timer

Find a variety of different countdown timers to use in your classroom.

48 Cross-Curricular

Tie in content from another subject area using technology in a lesson.   (FREE)