SMART Board Activities

This first section is SMART activities I have created or polished up for you which are guaranteed to be awesome.

Spanish Mission Activity
Texas History

Students drag and drop the parts of a mission in Spanish Texas on to the map in the correct locations. Students must use prior knowledge of the parts of a mission and analysis of the map to complete the activity.

Upper and Lower
Case Sorting

Students sort letters into two groups, upper and lower case. When they get it right the monkeys cheer them on.

Koosh-ball Game

This one I did not make I found it but it is still awesome. This is a template for a game where students pick a circle and it links to a question. You plug in the questions and answer choices. I had to move the answer down to the bottom of the screen to get it to work correctly. Oh and this works with throwing a koosh-ball at the screen as well if your board reacts to touch.
Here is one I made over Texas History

Fishing Game

This is my take on the Koosh-Ball game and takes it… “Under The Sea!” Plug in your questions and answer choices then launch this Google slides activity for tons of fun. To kick it up a notch attach your koosh-ball to one of those little kids fishing poles!
US History Version Exploration and Colonization


Strike Zone is the coolest thing ever! Take me out to the ball game! I made this in Google Slides. It works like trashketball. The teacher asks students questions from vocab, an activity, or a study sheet. If the student gets the question correct they get to pitch the koosh-ball at the screen. If they hit the strike zone they earn a point for their team.


Take your students to the virtual back yard and play some cornhole. It works like trashketball. The teacher asks students questions from vocab, an activity, or a study sheet. If the student gets the question correct they get to toss the koosh-ball at the screen. They earn different points for the different holes.

CVC Words Activity

This CVC words activity has three different parts. The first section asks students to create CVC words by dragging letters together from a letter bank to form the words. The second section asks students to drag vowels up from the letter bank to complete CVC words. The Third section asks students to write in the vowel to complete the CVC words.

CVC Words Matching Game

I found this CVC matching game asks students to match CVC words with the same set of scrambled letters.

Prefix Game

This game asks students to drag and drop root words to match their prefixes in a fill in the blank style.

Suffix Matching Game

This suffix matching game asks students to complete sentences with the correct suffix for the last word. This game plays in a Memory matching game style.

Figurative Language
Matching Game

This super hero battle matching game asks students to match the figurative language type with the correct examples.

Coins Activity

This activity has two parts. The first part asks students to add up the correct amount of coins to match the given dollar amount. The second part offers a simple word problem for which the student must make change for a transaction.

Comparing Numbers
1 to 4 Digits

This super fun drag and drop activity asks students to move 1 of 4 manipulative characters to the Greater or Lesser Number in 4 exciting scenes. The Bonus rounds asks students to go back through each slide again and select the correct greater or less than symbol for each set of numbers.

Least to Greatest
Ordering Numbers

Students drag and drop a set of ten numbers into the correct order from least to greatest.

Weather and the tools we use to measure it

This is an entire lesson with interactive SMART board elements as well as short YouTube videos about Weather and all of the different tools used to measure it. I will also include a review game at the end.

Math Stars
Challenge 1

SMART Lumio activity that requires students to demonstrate their mastery of counting and addition by selecting poker chips to add up to a specified amount.

Math With Friends

This activity has students create a math operation for a friend to solve. There are slides for 2 digit by 2 digit, 3×3, and 4×4.

Food Chain Review

Use this interactive lesson to review Food Chains and Food Webs. Part 1 asks students to draw vocabulary terms on the SMART board. Part 2 is a matching game. Part 3 is a fill in the blank game. Part 4 is a sorting game. Part 5 asks students to drag and drop images to create a food web of several connected food chains.

Phases of
The Moon

This activity asks students to correctly label the phases of the moon by dragging and dropping the labels.

Map Skills

This activity has two parts. The first part asks students to complete tasks on the map. The second part asks students to answer questions about the map. Both parts require students to display their comprehension of map skills.

The Urban Game

This industrialization simulation teachers children how the Industrial revolution affected life in America’s towns.

Slide show of game directions

Text Features

This lesson has students learn and demonstrate mastery of text features through a series of Star Wars themed activities.

Alpha Arc CVC Activity

Students touch and drag letters from the Alphabet arc along the rainbow into the boxes to create CVC words.

3rd Grade Math
STAAR Review

Join “A Playa named Gus” on a rap filled journey through engaging activities to practice those math skills!.

Tally Marks

Get those littles counting and practicing with tally marks.

Ninja in the Middle

Have your students determine the outcomes of these Ninja battles with greater than, less than, and equals.

Transportation Activity

Here is a Transportation SMART board drag and drop matching activity. It could be assigned in Google Classroom and completed on Chromebooks as well. It even includes a Star Wars bonus round for extra fun.

Folktales: Babe the Blue Ox

Interact with this story of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox as you work your way through the pages.

Chronological Order Activity

This interactive SMART board idea was designed to have students analyze and organize their daily events in chronological order.

2nd Grade Math
3rd 6wks Review

There are 23 slides with 5 different activity types based on the 3rd six weeks test. Including base ten blocks, number lines, etc.

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

A fun activity that lets your students practice their skills comparing and ordering numbers. The activity is capped off with a big exciting number order ranking game.

Least to greatest number ranking

Solar System Word Search

Spelling Challenge

Kinder Map Skills

Alliteration Kinder Activity

Sand Castle Contest

Wild West Challenge

This activity is made to accompany a teachers set of questions or flash cards. If students answer correctly they get to poke a target with their finger to make it disappear. I hoped to get this to work with a Nerf blaster but have not had success yet.

Counting 1-10

Here is a sorting activity for Kinder. The theme is living and non-living things in Texas.

Here is a shopping activity that asks students to count up the correct change to purchase popular items from a shop.

Here is an activity that asks students to sort zoo animals, count up the total number of animals in each enclosure, and match the correct number to the enclosure.

Here is a sorting activity that asks student to sort the rimes between onsets ch or th.

Here is a sorting activity that asks student to sort the rimes between onsets wh or sh.

Here is a simple addition activity which uses the numbers 0-5. Students must find math problems, and determine the answer they are looking for to find it in the memory match board.

Welcome to the bunny rabbit tea party. Grab a colored name tag and write your name on it.

Digital Interactive Elkonin Boxes

Here is an activity that asks students to select the correct number for each slide. This activity focuses on the pregame introduction of a basketball team which is manned by players 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. As they players are introduced students move the correct player from the sidelines to the court. 

Here is a quick matching game that asks students to match a number with the correct quantity of items. 

Here are 29 little place value activities of 6 different types. Use these to engage your students and practice their place value skills.

Here are a series of SMART board Super Sorter activities. Each Activity includes 12 images that must be sorted between two letters based on the letter they begin with. 13 Activities in total.

Challenge your students to prove their mastery of Needs vs Wants with this Lumio SMART board gameshow.

Here are a few SMART Lumio matching activities that ask your students to identify matching pairs of upper and lower case letters.

Here is a SMART Lumio memory matching game that gives student consonant blends and diagraphs that they must match with the correct object with that starting sound.

Here is a little lesson on forms of energy (light, sound, and heat). There are some check for understanding questions after the lesson. Then a Memory matching game to prove your students knowledge and comprehension.

All subjects and Grades

Jeopardy Template Playing Jeopardy in class is always an engaging activity. Increase that engagement by getting students out of their seat and physically involved in making selections on your interactive Smart Board. Can I take this template and turn it into a game for you? Please send me some content and I will create the game for you.

Interactive Attendance

Below are activities I found and curated for you. I have not necessarily tried them all but they “look” good.




Social Studies




Social Studies




Social Studies

Big surprise, there are no Texas History activities on SMART Exchange. I will get some made for us.



9th Grade

9th Grade

9th Grade
Social Studies


10th Grade

10th Grade

10th Grade

10th Grade
Social Studies


11th Grade

11th Grade

11th Grade

11th Grade
Social Studies


12th Grade

12th Grade

12th Grade

12th Grade
Social Studies