Badge Q

8 QR Code

Create a QR code to share a resource with your class.  (FREE) 
“It was very easy for the kids to just scan and read the story during centers.” Travis Hayes at Lacy

98 Quirky

Do you have a budding young inventor in your class.  Have them submit their idea to Quirky and see if it can be created in real life.  This might be a great idea for GT classes. 

2 Quizizz

Create and deploy a Quizizz assessment for your students that reinforces a topic you studied in class.  (FREE)
“It was an easy way to identify those students who knew the material and those who didn’t. Most of the kids were actively involved and motivated by the platform.” Danny Derden at Godwin


Complete the Quizizz certified game changer program.

95 Quia

Create or use existing online games, activities, quizzes, and more qith Quia.  Has a 30 Day Free trial and annual subscription.

11 Quizlet Live

 Get your students competing against each other or on teams to review concepts in q Quizlet live game.  (Has a free trial)