Fortnite V-Bucks Budget Activity

Here is an engaging and relevant budgeting activity for your 4th or 5th grade students. This activity gives your students a spending budget of 7,400 V-Bucks and several categories for spending as well as some specific budget requirements. This activity provides a Google Spreadsheet that helps students plan how to arrange their budget. The Spreadsheet contains formulas that do the math calculations for the students freeing them up to apply their critical thinking to spending the remainder of their budget after making selections. Students should have difficulty finding the funds to make all the purchases that they want from our pretend Fortnite item Store. This should cause them to have to continuously go back over their budget allocations to complete a final budget staying under their V7,400 spending limit. This activity also includes reflection and class discussion questions.

I have decided to embed this entire activity into a Google Site so students should have easy access to all of the resources that they need on that one page. Find the Activity here.