Gamesalad San Jacinto Rampage

Congratulations on your opportunity to play the brand new custom video game I created called San Jacinto Rampage. In this game you lead Sam Houston on to the famous San Jacinto battlefield and then in epic exaggeration he will single handedly eliminate the Mexican forces and capture Santa Anna.

This is my very first attempt at making a video game from scratch. It is a challenging but fun and rewarding process with This version lacks a massive amount of “educational value” while being played but it is fun and would make sense to students who have learned about the Battle of San Jacinto. Ideally when Sam Houston encounters each of the Mexican soldiers he would be challenged with a question and when the player answers it correctly the soldier would be eliminated. I plan to do some research on how to pull that off next.

GameSalad can be a neat tool to have students create their own videogame about a topic they have been studying. Fair warning though it is NOT free. You do get a 5 day free trial when you sign up. So you can produce a game for your kids in that time before the trial expires.

**UPDATE** I did figure out the question version of the game. Check it out here.

To play my game below click Sam Houston to start and used the WSAD keys to move him around.