Honey I Shrunk The Students: U.S. History EOY Review

Here is a hybrid Digital/Print U.S. History end of year review game. To play this game students will have a paper activity sheet and they will access the digital game board to find the answers. The digital game board is very large and is covered in answers on index cards. Students navigate the game board with the WSAD keys. As they run over an answer card with their character it reveals a point value. Students record the correct answer and point value on their activity sheet. Once they have answered all of the questions correctly they total up all of the points. As the teacher you only need to check their total point value number. If it’s wrong, they messed up somewhere and need to get back at it. Click the button above for all of the files you might need including the activity sheet, teacher directions, and a complete answer key. There are over 100 answers on the game board so students have to “run” all around the board looking for the answer they need. In the future there will be multiple versions of this game drawing from different questions/answers.