McDonalds Menu vs Minimum Wage: Decimal Ratios

I had a fun idea poke me in the brain the other day and I managed to put it into application. Here is a fun, relevant, and engaging math activity on ratios. In this activity we will dive in to the differences between menu prices today and in 1972 versus the Minimum wage today and in 1972. I had fun making this and even working my way through it the first time. I won’t give you any spoilers. Check out the preview below before downloading a copy to share with your students. You could easily assign this in Google Classroom as an individual assignment or work through it together in class there is potentially a lot to discuss as you go. Thanks to Mrs. Nelson and her logical math brain for helping me word this creation in a way that hopefully makes sense to you.

This was designed for 6th grade math skills in Texas. Below is a link to an editable version that you can change to make it easier or more advanced for your students.