Astronomy: Space Exploration Web Scavenger Hunt

Here is a web scavenger hunt for space exploration. This activity has students investigate online resources related to NASA and the history of space exploration to learn about its development over time. This activity examines several significant missions and spacecraft.

This is a large and comprehensive activity with 47 questions over 15 topics including Pioneer 1, Mercury 7, Mariner 2, Ed White, Moon Landing, Mariner 9, Skylab, Viking 1&2, Space Shuttle, Pioneer 10, Hubble Space Telescope, International Space Station, Voyager, New Horizons, and Mars Rovers.

There are two files for this activity. One is a Docs version that can easily be printed for distribution. The other is a Slides version designed to be posted online in Google Classroom. Both versions include interactive answer boxes and could be assigned digitally. The Google Slides version will maintain it’s formatting completely while the Docs version could become misaligned when completed digitally.