Zombie Survival Unit

Behold, a unit of activities that hopefully you and your students will find exciting and engaging. These activities are created in Google Slides and can be posted in Google Classroom. So far there are four activities in this unit.

☠Activity 1 is a Science activity that requires students to demonstrate knowledge about forms of energy based on M.E.L.T.S.
☠Activity 2 is a creative and sequential writing activity in which students write adventure chronicles to tell about their escape from the zombie hoards.
☠Activity 3 is a math activity that has students design the floor plan for their survival bunker as well as calculate the perimeter and area of the rooms.
☠Activity 4 is a social studies map skills activity that requires students to follow directions a draw a route on a map to escape the zombies and avoid dangerous situations. It also includes fill in the blank questions about cardinal directions based on the map.

I would love to add more activities to this unit. Do you have an idea for another concept that would go well with this unit? If so please email it to me. [email protected]