Thanks to Mrs. Summers for this recommendation

Put this on the list of coolest EdTech Tools! Check out wordwall.net for some awesome activities. With Wordwall you can create any of these activities below for FREE. Once you create an activity you can apply that word set to any of the activity templates below. This looks like a really fun way to get your students reviewing content in multiple different engaging formats.

I made a Biology Example. I just went to Quizlet.com and downloaded a set of terms (that’s a great resource for you also). I then copy pasted those into the wordwall template in a few minutes.

With that Share button I can push this activity out to Google Classroom. Or get a link to share the activity with a colleague. Also notice that Switch Template option in the top right corner.

Multiple Choice Quiz
Game Show
Maze game

Anagram Scramble

Word bank matching
Word search of answer to the clues

There are even more options including printable available under a paid Pro Account. Which has plans from $6 to $9 a month.