Badges G

62 GarageBand

Record and edit an audio track using Garageband

24 Genius Hour

Get your kids focused on their passion in your content area.  Regularly set aside some time for them to work on a project of their choosing that will deepen their knowledge and desire to learn.  (FREE)
“I have always wanted to try Genius Hour. We are currently in our first GH project. Children have selected to investigate animals, art, baking, plants, weather and construction. I can’t wait to see what they learn and produce!” Kerri Beavers at Lowe

27 Gimkit

Gimkit is a fun new review game designed by a kid for kids.  Gimkit is very similar to the mechanics of popular mobile games everyone plays today.  Students can improve their score by purchasing upgrades to their game with in-game currency they earn by answering questions correctly.  (Costs money as of summer 2020)
“My class loved it. They get really competitive. I like that they can move on to the next question without the wait time like Kahoot has.” Stacy Davis at Southard

83 Geometry Pad

Interactive tablet app for Geometry.  Get students drawing and learning about geometric shapes. (free and paid accounts)

59 Get Shorter

Use a web address shortener, such as and to share a link with your students.  (FREE)   

56 Gallery Walk

Have your students complete a gallery walk, analyzing primary sources, secondary sources, photos, maps, graphs, charts, etc.  and answering questions about them.    (FREE) 

Generation Genius

This resource has videos for most science concepts. The videos are engaging and draw students in. It is differentiated from K-8, so concepts are explained in more grade appropriate language and examples.

94 GoFormative

Digitally enhance your old worksheets with GoFormative by inserting questions and embedding content to existing documents.  Has Free and paid account types.

126 GoNoodle

Get your students up and physically involved in learning with GoNoodle Videos.

129 Google Calendar

Keep track of all the meetings you have to attend and when you need to be there with Google Calendar.  Share important school events with your students through Google Calendar.

12 Google Classroom Setup

Create a Google Classroom section for each of your class periods. (FREE)
“Google Classroom has provided quick and simple access to online assignments and activities.” Cassandra Winkle at Princeton HS

13 Google Classroom Discussion

Post a discussion question in Google Classroom and get your students engaged responding.  (FREE) 
“Went really great after they did a reading that was online. I will use it again because it showed me a quick assessment of what they knew.” Dina D’Onofrio at Southard

Google Certified Educator LVL 1

Earn your certificate for Google Certified Educator Level 1
“I became Google certified to better help my virtual students in Google Classroom, and I can help my coworkers now with the basics of Google education tools.” Lauren Dierolf at Southard

Google Certified Educator LVL 2

Earn your certificate for Google Certified Educator Level 2

Google Certified

Earn Your Certificate for being a Google Certified Trainer

Google Certified

Earn your Certificate for being a Google Certified Innovator

17 Google Collaboration

Have students work together to create a Google Doc (Doc, Sheet, Slide, Form) for an assignment. (FREE)
“Great! I had my students work together on researching a Latin American country. They compiled a Google Slides and will turn this in via Google Classroom.” Ryan Kowalewski at Princeton HS

35 Google Docs

Create an original assignment for your students in Google Docs.  (FREE) 
“Allowing students to use Google Docs to turn in essays and short writing assignments is a more beneficial method to assigning homework.”
Dani Balak at Clark

34 Google Drive

Create a few folders in Google drive to organize your files. (FREE)
“Google drive connects almost everything I do in the classroom, as well as to my team and my partner teacher.” Hannah Patty at Lacy

22 Google Expeditions

Explore a location using Google Expeditions and VR goggles or Google Cardboard. (Free Options)

133 Google Earth

Use Google Earth and or Google Tour Creator to take your students on a journey exploring locations locally and around the world.

38 Google Forms

Create a Google Form to collect data or feedback from students or parents.    (FREE) 
“I created this form so that I can keep up with tardies in my class along with a QR code.” Diocelina Guillen

55 Google Forms Quiz

 Make your life easier by giving a quiz in Google Forms.  You can set it up to grade it automatically and give students instant feedback and results.  (FREE)

39 Gmail Folders

 Organize your Gmail inbox with folders.  (FREE) 
“This helps keep emails organized since we have more than one grade level in our classroom.” Mrs. Bissell at Lacy

102 Google Sites

Build a Google Sites website for your class or have students create one for an assignment.

37 Google Sheets

Create a Google Sheet that contains original data you gathered from your students and used for tracking.  (FREE) 
“Google Sheets allows me to organize data for a variety of classroom uses.” Katie Filina at Princeton HS

36 Google Slides

 Create an original presentation for your students using Google Slides.  (FREE) 
“I love google slides. I use it for our warmups so I can share it with ease with my team.” Heather Wood at Clark

Google Sky

Engage your students in exploring the cosmos with Google Sky.

GC Material

Post a material in Your Google Classroom assignment stream to share resources with your students. Thanks to JIll Edwards for this idea.

GC Assignment

Post a digital assignment in Google Classroom for your students. Thanks to Jill Edwards for this idea.

G Shared Drive

Get yourself attached to a Google Shared Drive where you can easily collaborate with your colleagues. Thank you to Mrs. Edwards at Mattei MS for this new idea.

G Drive Sharer

Share a file or folder with a colleague in Google Drive. Thanks to Mrs. Edwards at Mattei for this idea.

15 Green Screen

Use a green screen to place yourself in a unique place that applies to a lesson you are teaching. (Free options and paid available)
“I use the Zing Studio app and I have fun using it with my class” Jennifer Nantz at Smith

105 Google Keep

Use Google Keep to gather resources that you find, make notes about your ideas, save photos that you want to go back to later.  

106 Google Translator

Use Google Translate to communicate with students or parents.

320 Google Spaces

Mrs. Webb at Godwin uses Google Spaces with her classes to discuss assignments and share files with her students during collaborative work. You can too.

285 Grade Transferer

Grade transferer is a paid Google Chrome extension that helps you to automatically sync up gradebooks between Google Classroom and Infinite Campus. This comes highly recommended by Mrs. Arionne Smith at Lovelady HS.