Reading and Roaming Caribbean

I am back again with another virtual voyage for your students. This time we are focused on the TEKS listed in the chart below. Students will explore 6 stops in the Caribbean sea where they will demonstrate their mastery of one TEK below at each stop. This activity is accompanied by a Google Form answer document that you will post in your Google Classroom for you students to access. The Roaming and Reading home page has a button that you can click to download your own copy of the Google Form.

R/STEKTEK description
S8.2Ause print or digital resources to determine the meaning, syllabication, pronunciation, word origin, and part of speech
R8.5Fmake inferences and use evidence tosupport understanding 
R8.5Gevaluate details read to determine key ideas 
S8.9Ddescribe how the author’s use of figurative language such as extended metaphor achieve specific purpose
S8.9Fanalyze how theauthor’s use of language contributes to mood, voice,and tone
R8.10Dviicorrect spelling, including commonly confused terms such as its/it’s, affect/effect, there/their/they’re, and to/two/too