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iCivics offers excellent free resources for teaching civics to your students. The best part of iCivics are the educational and engaging games.
“There are a lot of government games on this site and the kids LOVE them. They can even run for President!” Kari Foy at Lacy

122 iDoceo

Organize and manage your class room information with iDoceo.

149 In Local News

Engage students exploring local news websites to keep up with current or past events. 

147 iMovie Maker

Have students produce video projects with iMovie.

IC Email Blast

Use the Infinite Campus system to send out an email blast to your student’s families. Thanks to Daniel Bailey at Southard MS for this idea.

5 Instagram

Create an Instagram account for your class and post an image of your students engaged in a fun activity.   (FREE)
“I am kept abreast with all things Autism to assist me in the SLC classroom. Use it everyday” Brenda Obera at Lacy

77 Insert Learning

Use this Chrome extension to insert check for understanding questions directly into websites.  (FREE) 

72 Instagrok

Have students use Instagrok to more effectively explore a research topic. (FREE)

52 iPad (Tablet)

 Technology at the tips of their fingers, have students engaged using an iPad or other tablet with education apps. 

177 iStation

Get your students learning reading or math through  iStations adaptive curriculum and assessments.

116 iTranslate

Use iTranslate to help your ESL students communicate and understand.  You could also use iTranslate to explore foreign cultures and learn foreign languages. 

114 IXL

Have your students practice their skills by completing activities on

IXL Assign lesson

Assign a specific lesson to your students in IXL. Thanks to Kimberly Clark at Southard MS for these IXL ideas.

IXL Group Jam

Assess your class with a Group Jam in IXL.

IXL Live

Monitor your students IXK progress with Classroom Live.

IXL Diagnostic Assessment

Assign a diagnostic assessment to your students in IXL.

IXL Quiz

Create and assign a quiz to your students in IXL.