Innovation Badges

We want to recognize you for trying new innovative things in the classroom. You can click the button for the introduction presentation below for more information.

This page contains a list of all the Badges we currently have available. Below you will find a list of the badges and a description of each as well as links to resources to learn more about them. Click the image for each badge for more information about that tool (Those links were lost this summer when I transferred everything to this new website. I will get them back asap.). There are also forms above to apply for badges, submit new ideas, and request help.

If you have an app or technology related activity that you use and don’t see it on the list please fill out the form and I will add it to our list.



Teachermade is one of my favorite tools. It is one of the top 3 EdTechTools of all time IMHO. Teacher made lets you take your boring old worksheets and turn them into digital activities or create some very unboring digital activities from scratch. Mrs. A Smith at Lovelady HS had this to say about it in her recommendation, “Instant feed back. Instant corrections. Auto grades. Allows me to track their progress all at once.”

Easel by TPT

Easel is another option for creating online digital assignments. This tool is a part of the TPT system and easily integrates with any activities you have purchased from them. It allows you to digitize and assign activities in Google Classroom. Mrs. Blair at Lovelady HS had this to say about it, “Since the Easel by TPT site is integrated with Google Classroom, it helps cut down on students wondering if they turned an assignment. Its also handy when kids are absent then they can have a virtual copy of the assignment and they don’t miss a beat.”
Mrs. Webb at Godwin Elementary had this to say about it, “Some students struggle with writing neatly on fill in the blank items so by having the assignment digitally it helps those students keep their work neat and on track rather than worrying about fitting everything on the paper.”

Grade Transferer

Grade transferer is a paid Google Chrome extension that helps you to automatically sync up gradebooks between Google Classroom and Infinite Campus. This comes highly recommended by Mrs. Arionne Smith at Lovelady HS.


The website is a platform that allows users to create and share interactive visual content, such as presentations, infographics, interactive images, and videos. The main purpose of is to provide a user-friendly tool with templates for creating visually appealing and engaging content for the classroom. Mrs. Katie Smith at Lovelady enjoys using the Escape Room templates.


Have students use the more than 40 tools available in Kami to collaborate and annotate. Mrs. Katie Smith at Lovelady says, “Annotating and collaboration tools for all types of documents. I use it with my PDF documents the most. Students can highlight, doodle, mark out, write notes, and listen to the document being read to them.”


Engage your students in with premade lessons or create your own lesson with the platform. Mrs. Dittman at Lacy had this to say about it, “Provides ways for them to experience music in all kinds of ways, especially review games for EOY test.”


Engage your class in a Jeopardy style quiz game with Factile! it’s a blast and comes highly recommended by Mrs. Arionne Smith at Lovelady HS, Mrs. Rebekkah Patterson at Southard MS, and Mrs. Hall in the curriculum department.

Ninja in the Middle

Challenge your class to a game of greater than and less than with Ninja in the Middle or the Pro version. This EdTechMrBrown original was recommended by Ms. Matthews at Lacy Elementary.

IXL Assign lesson

Assign a specific lesson to your students in IXL. Thanks to Kimberly Clark at Southard MS for these IXL ideas.

IXL Group Jam

Assess your class with a Group Jam in IXL.

IXL Live

Monitor your students IXK progress with Classroom Live.

IXL Diagnostic Assessment

Assign a diagnostic assessment to your students in IXL.

IXL Quiz

Create and assign a quiz to your students in IXL.

IC Email Blast

Use the Infinite Campus system to send out an email blast to your student’s families. Thanks to Daniel Bailey at Southard MS for this idea.

Virtual Anchor Charts

Make digital anchor charts for your students with a tool like Google Slides or Canva.

Fun Brain

Engage your students with fun educational games to sharpen their brain at Thanks to Mrs. H at Southard MS for this idea.


Complete a training course through EduHero. Thanks to Mrs. H at Southard MS for this idea.

Everyday Mathematics

Use Everyday Mathematics to get your students praciting specially engineered math Skills practice lessons. Thanks to Mrs. Ha at Southard MS for this idea.


Foster your students love for learning with the game based system of Boddle Learning. Thanks to Mrs. Matthews at Lacy and Mrs. Webb at Godwin Elementary for this suggestion.


Direct your students to dive into the TexQuest data base to find research for an assignment. htanks to Mrs. Hersch at Lacy for this cool library related challenge.

Screen Clipping

Use Windows + Shift +S, Snippet, or any other screen clipping tool to capture part of an image or screen to include in an assignment or presentation. Thanks to Mrs. Edwards at Mattei for this idea.

Classwize Live

Use Classwize to monitor and keep your students on task while working on their Chromebook. Thanks to Mrs. Patterson at Southard, Mrs. Fisher at Mayfield, and Mrs. Berger at Mattei for these Classwize ideas.

Classwize Rules

Set up some fantastic rules for your class sessions in Classwize. Thanks to Mrs. Patterson at Southard, Mrs. Fisher at Mayfield, and Mrs. Berger at Mattei for these Classwize ideas.

Classwize Focus

Keep your students intently focused on their assignment and not wandering around the internet with ClassWize focus sessions. Thanks to Mrs. Patterson at Southard, Mrs. Fisher at Mayfield, and Mrs. Berger at Mattei for these Classwize ideas.

GC Material

Post a material in Your Google Classroom assignment stream to share resources with your students. Thanks to JIll Edwards for this idea.

GC Assignment

Post a digital assignment in Google Classroom for your students. Thanks to Jill Edwards for this idea.

G Shared Drive

Get yourself attached to a Google Shared Drive where you can easily collaborate with your colleagues. Thank you to Mrs. Edwards at Mattei MS for this new idea.

G Drive Sharer

Share a file or folder with a colleague in Google Drive. Thanks to Mrs. Edwards at Mattei for this idea.

Classical Spotify

Keep your students busy and on task with brain stimulating classical musc on Spotify. Thank to Mrs. Fuchs at Lowe Elementary for this idea.


Help keep the hallways clear, safe, and under control by approving students leaving your room with Minga. Thanks to Mrs. Patterson at Southard for this new badge idea.


Engage your k-5 math and reading students practicing with interactive activities and games at Thanks to Mrs. Fuchs and Mrs. Hudgins for this recommendation.

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