Innovation Badges

We want to recognize you for trying new innovative things in the classroom. You can click the button for the introduction presentation below for more information.

This page contains a list of all the Badges we currently have available. Below you will find a list of the badges and a description of each as well as links to resources to learn more about them. Click the image for each badge for more information about that tool (Those links were lost this summer when I transferred everything to this new website. I will get them back asap.). There are also forms above to apply for badges, submit new ideas, and request help.

If you have an app or technology related activity that you use and don’t see it on the list please fill out the form and I will add it to our list.

1 Classroom Layout

 Break the mold of boring desks in rows and organize your classroom in a more engaging way.  This can be as simple as organizing your desks into groups or as advanced as incorporating different flexible seating options. (FREE)
“My students benefit from the layout of my classroom. They are able to collaborate together when possible.” Melissa Moses at Lowe

2 Quizizz

Create and deploy a Quizizz assessment for your students that reinforces a topic you studied in class.  (FREE)
“It was an easy way to identify those students who knew the material and those who didn’t. Most of the kids were actively involved and motivated by the platform.” Danny Derden at Godwin


3 Parent Email List

Build an email contact list in Gmail and give an example of how you have used it to communicate with parents.  (FREE)
“I use my parent group to send a weekly Friday email with reminders, what we learned that week and upcoming events.” Heather James at Smith 

4 Twitter

Create a Twitter account for your class and tweet out something positive that is happening with your students.   (FREE) 
“I love using twitter to network with other debate programs.” Heather Stringer at Princeton HS

5 Instagram

Create an Instagram account for your class and post an image of your students engaged in a fun activity.   (FREE)
“I am kept abreast with all things Autism to assist me in the SLC classroom. Use it everyday” Brenda Obera at Lacy

6 Facebook

Create a Facebook account for your class and post an update highlighting something positive happening in your class.   (FREE) 
“I am able to post information and respond to parents questions.” Kathy Johnston at Southard

7 Facebook PLC

Join a FB group of educators in your field and tell us about an example of how you learned from or shared with that professional learning community.  (FREE)
“This is a tool I use daily. It is a great place to have your questions answered fairly quickly. If I want to know what other music teachers around the world are doing in their classroom, this is where I go.” Alexandria Goldberg at Lowe


8 QR Code

Create a QR code to share a resource with your class.  (FREE) 
“It was very easy for the kids to just scan and read the story during centers.” Travis Hayes at Lacy

9 Smore

Create a Smore news letter to share information with your students. (Has a free trial)
“This is SO COOL!!” Jeni Schroeder at Harper

10 Flocabulary

Engage students in a Flocabulary lesson, activity, or video.  (Has a free trial)
“The students loved the song and when we talked through the material, they mentioned things they heard in the song. I would absolutely use this again. I already have.” Adrianna Monge at Smith

11 Quizlet Live

 Get your students competing against each other or on teams to review concepts in q Quizlet live game.  (Has a free trial) 

12 Google Classroom Setup

Create a Google Classroom section for each of your class periods. (FREE)
“Google Classroom has provided quick and simple access to online assignments and activities.” Cassandra Winkle at Princeton HS

13 Google Classroom Discussion

Post a discussion question in Google Classroom and get your students engaged responding.  (FREE) 
“Went really great after they did a reading that was online. I will use it again because it showed me a quick assessment of what they knew.” Dina D’Onofrio at Southard


14 AR Explorer

Use an Augmented Reality tool like Aurasma,, or other to create an interactive assignment.  (FREE)


15 Green Screen

Use a green screen to place yourself in a unique place that applies to a lesson you are teaching. (Free options and paid available)
“I use the Zing Studio app and I have fun using it with my class” Jennifer Nantz at Smith

16 Flipgrid

Collect student responses using Flipgrid. (FREE)
“Perhaps one of the best Apps in my opinion, very friendly, easy to review, feedback and can help to develop writing and speech. I will use it many more times.’ Andres Aguilar at Lowe

17 Google Collaboration

Have students work together to create a Google Doc (Doc, Sheet, Slide, Form) for an assignment. (FREE)
“Great! I had my students work together on researching a Latin American country. They compiled a Google Slides and will turn this in via Google Classroom.” Ryan Kowalewski at Princeton HS

18 PearDeck

Use Pear Deck to enhance a Google Slides presentation and gather responses from your students to measure their comprehension.  (Has a free option)
“Gives a quick assessment of understanding” Mrs. Summers at Princeton HS


19 Webmaster

Create a website for your class using your preferred website building tool. (Free and paid options)
“I love having a place for learners, administrators, and parents to see what we are doing.” Candace Coffee at Princeton GT


20 Digital Learning Menu

Create an online learning menu to support and dig deeper into a topic you are teaching in your class. (FREE)
“I just posted my first learning menu today but plan on using them weekly” Candace Coffee Princeton GT


21 Virtual Field Trip

Take your students on a virtual field trip to visit a site online that you wouldn’t normally be able to visit. (FREE)
“I thought it would be a fun experience to explore NASA with the students, because they might never get the chance.” Lindsay Woodard at Godwin


22 Google Expeditions

Explore a location using Google Expeditions and VR goggles or Google Cardboard. (Free Options)


23 Maker Space

Build a Maker Space in your classroom that will support STEAM activities. 

24 Genius Hour

Get your kids focused on their passion in your content area.  Regularly set aside some time for them to work on a project of their choosing that will deepen their knowledge and desire to learn.  (FREE)
“I have always wanted to try Genius Hour. We are currently in our first GH project. Children have selected to investigate animals, art, baking, plants, weather and construction. I can’t wait to see what they learn and produce!” Kerri Beavers at Lowe

25 Breakout EDU

 Get kids involved gaming, learning, and team building with Breakout EDU.  Gets students out of their seat, thinking critically, collaborating and creating as the solve puzzles to win the game. 
“We played a Halloween digital breakout on figurative language” Lauren Dierolf at Southard

26 Kahoot

Whole class game in which students compete to answer questions quickly as well as correctly.  A scoreboard updates after every question to keep students engaged and fighting for the top spot. (FREE)
“The students loved it, they want to do one before every quiz/test.” Kristen Cooper at Clark

27 Gimkit

Gimkit is a fun new review game designed by a kid for kids.  Gimkit is very similar to the mechanics of popular mobile games everyone plays today.  Students can improve their score by purchasing upgrades to their game with in-game currency they earn by answering questions correctly.  (Costs money as of summer 2020)
“My class loved it. They get really competitive. I like that they can move on to the next question without the wait time like Kahoot has.” Stacy Davis at Southard


28 Blogger

Start an online blog to share stories of what is happening in your class with students, parents, the community, and the world.  Maybe your tales can inspire other teachers. (FREE)
“My blog has been a nice outlet to share my educational experiences and ideas.” Stormy Hoyle at Lacy


29 Podcaster

Start an online podcast to share stories of what is happening in your class with students, parents, the community, and the world. You can interview other teachers or students. (FREE)


30 Screencaster

Use a screencasting software to record a lesson on your computer that you can share with your students.   (Free Options available)
“This was a simple way to train my teachers how to print a cover sheet.” Paula Mora at Lacy


31 Animoto

An easy to use video making tool that allows you to produce professional looking videos using templates and stock images or your own. (FREE and paid options)

32 Khan Academy

Build standards aligned online review activities for your students to practice applying knowledge and skills. (FREE)
“I liked the subject being explained by a different teacher.” Roberta Rotolo at Godwin

33 Padlet

 Create a Padlet wall for students to turn in or showcase digital projects.   (FREE and paid options) 
“The kids had so much fun seeing what the others inferred from the cards. It also gave them a chance to “hear/see” an inference they hadn’t thought of” Norma Hargrove at Lowe

34 Google Drive

Create a few folders in Google drive to organize your files. (FREE)
“Google drive connects almost everything I do in the classroom, as well as to my team and my partner teacher.” Hannah Patty at Lacy

35 Google Docs

Create an original assignment for your students in Google Docs.  (FREE) 
“Allowing students to use Google Docs to turn in essays and short writing assignments is a more beneficial method to assigning homework.”
Dani Balak at Clark

36 Google Slides

 Create an original presentation for your students using Google Slides.  (FREE) 
“I love google slides. i use it for our warmups so I can share it with ease with my team.” Heather Wood at Clark

37 Google Sheets

Create a Google Sheet that contains original data you gathered from your students and used for tracking.  (FREE) 
“Google Sheets allows me to organize data for a variety of classroom uses.” Katie Filina at Princeton HS

38 Google Forms

Create a Google Form to collect data or feedback from students or parents.    (FREE) 
“I created this form so that I can keep up with tardies in my class along with a QR code.” Diocelina Guillen

39 Gmail Folders

 Organize your Gmail inbox with folders.  (FREE) 
“This helps keep emails organized since we have more than one grade level in our classroom.” Mrs. Bissell at Lacy

40 Canva

Create a professional looking  image with Canva to enhance an activity, presentation, or website. (Free and paid options)
“After doing research on an animal with special characteristics to survive extreme heat or cold, I had students use Canva to create a flyer.” Megan Turner at Godwin

41 Blendspace

Create an interactive lesson with Blendspace to engage your students in a topic. (Free and paid options)

42 Thinglink

Create an interactive image with Thinglink to explain an item or concept to your students.  (Free and paid options) 

43 Socrative

 Use Socrative to engage students in a quick quiz to check for understanding, an exit ticket, to get instant student feedback, etc.  (Free and paid options) 

44 Nearpod

Create or use an existing interactive learning experience with Nearpod to engage your students in a lesson.  (Free and paid options)

45 YouTuber

 Upload a video to your youtube account that you created yourself.  I bet you can earn another badge for making the video too.    (FREE) 

46 EdPuzzle

 Get students involved and interacting with a Youtube video by creating a comprehension quiz through EdPuzzle. (Free and paid options)


47 Lunch and Learn

Attend a Lunch and Learn Session to learn more about trying new ideas in your classroom. (FREE) 


48 Cross-Curricular

Tie in content from another subject area using technology in a lesson.   (FREE)

49 Bell Ringer

Use a technology tool or app to create a quick bell ringer activity to get your students focused and on task upon entering the room.  (FREE)

50 HyperDocs

 Turn a Google Doc into a visually engaging and package learning experience with HyperDocs.  (FREE) 

51 Chromebooks

Get students diving in to using technology in class on Chromebooks.  


52 iPad (Tablet)

 Technology at the tips of their fingers, have students engaged using an iPad or other tablet with education apps. 

53 Pinteresting

Find some boards that contain useful ideas for your classroom.  Maybe even start your own board to share ideas with your colleagues.    (FREE) 


54 Pineapple

 Invite other teachers to your class to witness, learn, and be inspired by how you are trying fun new things.   Help other teachers see practical and usable ideas in action.  (FREE) 

55 Google Forms Quiz

 Make your life easier by giving a quiz in Google Forms.  You can set it up to grade it automatically and give students instant feedback and results.  (FREE)


56 Gallery Walk

Have your students complete a gallery walk, analyzing primary sources, secondary sources, photos, maps, graphs, charts, etc.  and answering questions about them.    (FREE) 


57 Learning Stations

Have your students rotate through different stations completing activities or working with manipulatives at each location.  (FREE) 


58 Digital Assignment

Take an assignment that you have previously made and convert it to a digital assignment which students can complete and submit on a digital device.    (FREE) 


59 Get Shorter

Use a web address shortener, such as and to share a link with your students.  (FREE)   

60 ClassCraft

Build a game of ClasCraft to motivate your students to compete and achieve more. (Free and paid options)


61 Word Cloud

Build a word cloud from a list of terms to present terms in a visual way.  (FREE) 


62 GarageBand

Record and edit an audio track using Garageband

Toontastic 3D | Creative Storytelling App

63 Toontastic

Have your students create an animation using Toontastic to show their comprehension of a concept.  (FREE) 

64 Seesaw

Have your students create a Seesaw portfolio to showcase their work.  (FREE) 

65 Photomath

Have students check their math work using Photomath.  (FREE) 

66 3Doodler

Have students create a product or a piece of art using a 3Doodler 3D printing pen. 


BYOT: Bring Your own Technology:   Have students use their own technology device in classroom activities.  (FREE) 

68 Digital Primary Sources

 Have students explore a digital primary source to enhance their understanding about a topic.   (FREE) 


69 Student News Programs

Have students create a video news program to explain information they have learned. (FREE)


70 Hour of Code

Introduce your student to coding with a variety of fun and simple beginner coding programs.  (FREE) 

71 Zookazam

Examine and learn about animals through this Augmented Reality application. ($1)

72 Instagrok

Have students use Instagrok to more effectively explore a research topic. (FREE)


73 StoryUp

Have your students experience a virtual field trip with StoryUp.


74 Visnos

Have your students visually explore math concepts with Visnos.  (FREE)


75 ReadWorks

Engage students in the research based Readworks lessons to develop reading comprehension.  (FREE) 

76 ClassroomScreen

Communicate with and manage your room using ClassroomScreen.  (FREE) 

77 Insert Learning

Use this Chrome extension to insert check for understanding questions directly into websites.  (FREE) 

78 Radio Garden

Engage students in music and cultures from around the world through easy to locate live radio broadcasts.  (FREE) 

79 Merge Cube

Give students a 3D augmented reality experience exploring topics.  The Merge Cube can be turned into many different objects that are applicable to what you are teaching. (There are many free and paid apps that work with Merge Cube.)   


80 Matholia

Have students fine tune their math skills with Matholia’s practice modules and learning games.  (There is a U.S. Setting from the drop down menu at the top. Has a free trial) 


81 Prodigy

Get students engaged practicing math skills with Prodigy math games.  Kids love it.  I have even seen Youtube streams of kids playing these games just like Fortnite.  


82 Explain Everything

Create a digital lesson using Explain Everything or have Students create a digital project.  This might work well with your interactive Smart Projector.   (Free and paid accounts)


83 Geometry Pad

Interactive tablet app for Geometry.  Get students drawing and learning about geometric shapes. (free and paid accounts)


84 Choice Eliminator

Use the Choice Eliminator 2 Google Forms add-on to remove choices from a list once they have been selected.  This is a great tool for any sort of “sign up” you need to have from parent teacher conferences to put lucks. (FREE)


85 Easybib

Have students use Easybib to create a works cited for any project they are working on.  (FREE)


86 Mathplayground

Engage students practing their math skills with the FREE games at


87 Kaizena

Use your voice to more quickly leave comments and feedback on student work with Kaizena.  (FREE)



Videonotes is a cool google Chrome Extension (FREE) that allows you to take notes on the same screen that you are watching a video.  The notes save to your Google Drive and can easily be shared.  Use this tool to share video notes with your class or have your students use it to show comprehension.  


89 Buncee

Use Buncee or have your students use it to create an exciting and engaging presentation. Free and paid plans available


90 Recordit

Have your students or yourself make a screencast presentation or a GIF with You can make a screen cast up to 5 minutes long with the FREE version.  If you love this tool you can purchase an unlimited account for $30 one time fee.


91 Anchor.FM

Have your students create a pod cast using


92 WriteReader

Have students collaborate together and create a book with WriteReader.


93 PictureThis

Get students out identifying plant species with the PictureThis app.


94 GoFormative

Digitally enhance your old worksheets with GoFormative by inserting questions and embedding content to existing documents.  Has Free and paid account types.


95 Quia

Create or use existing online games, activities, quizzes, and more qith Quia.  Has a 30 Day Free trial and annual subscription.


96 Talking Pics

Use a FREE app like Chatterpix or Blabberize to add sound and make a picture talk.  You could have your students do this to show understanding or you could use it to teach a concept. 


97 BrainPop

Use BrainPop’s animated videos, games, and activities to spice up your lessons.  Subscription based but does have some free content.


98 Quirky

Do you have a budding young inventor in your class.  Have them submit their idea to Quirky and see if it can be created in real life.  This might be a great idea for GT classes. 


99 Student Newspaper

Have your students work individually or collaborate to produce a student news paper as a summative assessment.  


100 Digital Escape Room

Build a digital escape room to challenge your students critical thinking skills and content knowledge. 


101 Escape Room

Build a physical, live, in your face, hands on escape room to challenge your students  critical thinking skills and content knowledge.

102 Google Sites

Build a Google Sites website for your class or have students create one for an assignment.


103 Class Dojo

Communicate with Parents and provide feedback about students through Class Dojo.

104 Fast Form

Fast Form is a Google Forms add-on that allows you to quickly insert Special Character, Subscripts, and Superscripts into your Google Forms.

105 Google Keep

Use Google Keep to gather resources that you find, make notes about your ideas, save photos that you want to go back to later.  

106 Google Translator

Use Google Translate to communicate with students or parents.

107 Plickers

Track your students responses with Plickers.

108 PowToons

Create yourself or have your students create a PowToon video presentation. 

109 Swivl

Share a lesson video with a Swivl Robot.


110 Online Textbook

Have your students complete a lesson or activity through the online textbook in ClassLink.


111 Trail Blazer

If you are one of the most amazing teachers in the school district and you helped me test out a new idea this is the badge I gave you a special invitation to apply for.  

112 Trello

Have students organize ideas and collaborate together with Trello

113 Piktochart

Have students create an info-graphic to show what they have learned. 

114 IXL

Have your students practice their skills by completing activities on

115 Bloomz

Use Bloomz to communicate with parents.

116 iTranslate

Use iTranslate to help your ESL students communicate and understand.  You could also use iTranslate to explore foreign cultures and learn foreign languages. 

117 EyeJack

Experience Augmented Reality Art with the EYEJACK app.


118 No Red Ink

Get your students learning with interactive custom tailored activities in No Red Ink.

119 Picmonkey

Create designs to support your class with PicMonkey.  Have students create images to show what they have learned.  

120 Doceri

Use Doceri to teach your class free from the PC.

121 SignUpGenius

Manage events, volunteers, or even class projects with SignUpGenius.  

122 iDoceo

Organize and manage your class room information with iDoceo.

123 ReadTheory

Meet your students individual learning needs through adaptive reading comprehension activities on ReadTheory.

124 News ELA

Get your students engaged in reading and comprehending with adaptable articles from NewsELA. 

125 XtraMath

Help kids mater basic math facts with XtraMath.

126 GoNoodle

Get your students up and physically involved in learning with GoNoodle Videos.

127 ClassTag

Communicate quickly and easily with parents through ClassTag.

128 Spelling City

Expand your students reading comprehension and knowledge of vocabulary words with Spelling City.

129 Google Calendar

Keep track of all the meetings you have to attend and when you need to be there with Google Calendar.  Share important school events with your students through Google Calendar.

130 ZipGrade

Want old school tech with a new twist? Try ZipGrade to quickly grade scantron answer documents with your phone.  

131 Symbaloo

Organize web links for a student activity using Symbaloo.  Or have student research and gather great resources to share with Symbaloo.


132 Oral Testing

Do you go above and beyond to help your student be more successful with testing by digitally providing testing accommodations with screen casting or inserting audio commentary into a slide show?  This might be the badge for you.  


133 Google Earth

Use Google Earth and or Google Tour Creator to take your students on a journey exploring locations locally and around the world.

134 Lead4Ward

Find and implement TEKS based lesson plans and STAAR practice through Lead4Ward.

135 Book Wizard

You can use Scholastic Book Wizard to find new books or identify reading levels of books for your students to make sure they are reading on level.

136 Education Galaxy

Have students practice skills and knowledge through individualized learning programs in Education Galaxy. 

137 Language Learner

Have your students use a language learning app like Duo Lingo to practice new language skills.

138 Discovery Education

Engage students in the vast list of resources available through Discovery Education.  


139 Story Time

Have students watch online videos of someone reading story books.  For Example, The Willard Sisters, Godwin Celebrity Readers, etc.


Keep students engaged reviewing concepts through fun kid level videos on

141 NumberRock

Engage students in fun and catchy math songs that will reinforce concepts learned in class.

142 MysteryScience

Use TEKS aligned Mystery Science lessons and videos in class to explore science concepts in greater depth.

143 Epic Books

Get students engaged in reading with a vast library of eBooks and audio books at get

144 Prezintation

Use Prezi or better yet have your students use Prezi to create a presentation explaining a topic.  


145 Spark

Have students create images or video in Adobe Spark to show what they have learned.


146 Remind

Communicate with Parent or staff through Remind.

147 iMovie Maker

Have students produce video projects with iMovie.

148 Video Conference

Hold an online meeting with a program like but not limited to Google Hangouts or with your students or colleagues.


149 In Local News

Engage students exploring local news websites to keep up with current or past events. 

150 Spinners

Use a random spinner or selection tool like to take the pressure out of choosing a student or group to perform a task.


151 Calm’em Down

Relax and refocus your students with soothing sounds such as Rain and Thunderstorms on YouTube or

152 Lone Star Learner

Build students Reading Comprehension skills with online activities in


153 Smart Board

Engage Students in an interactive Smart Board lesson.

154 ClassroomQ

Queue up your students for help from the teacher with ClassroomQ.

155 zzish

Create an assessment for your students in Zzish to track who is understanding concepts and who needs more help.

156 AAASpelling

Get your students practicing their spelling words with activities.

157 Unique Learning Systems

Unique Learning System provides Special Education curriculum with lesson plans and activities designed to meet all students at the level and meet their needs.


158 WebQuest

Send your class on a student centered adventure through the internet to find answers and information.  Provide students with a list of questions and let them find the answers where they can.  You can also provide a specific website you want them to use for lower level students.


159 Splash Math

K-5 online curriculum aligned math activities and concepts.  Splash Math provides reports on student progress and offers diagnostic assessments.  Great for group review activities on interactive smart board.

160 Times Tales

” Times Tales® is an award winning,  innovative, mnemonic-based program that makes it fun and easy to memorize the upper multiplication facts.  Times Tales® utilizes visual, simple stories to provide students with a “memory peg” which allows quick and effortless recall of otherwise abstract facts. ”

161 Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls is a fun tool for monitoring classroom volume levels.  Bouncy Balls uses visual and audio cues to warn your class to be quiet.

162 Watchkin

Watchkin is a safer way to show youtube videos in class.  Watchkin blocks adds and video recommendations to help avoid awkward moments in class.


163 Sketch Notes

Sketch notes or visual note taking is a different way of taking notes.  This can be a great way for visual learners to process information.

164 Paper by 53

” Bring your ideas to life in all their messy glory. Paper’s perfectly-tuned tools make it easy to sketch, type, paint, draw — wherever your thoughts take you. ”  Paper is a great tool for drawing as well as sketch note taking.

165 Ozobots

Ozobots are little robots that your students can code and program to perform tasks.  Ozobots can follow colored lines and respond to code that it encounters on a surface.


166 Photography

Have your students capture life around them with a digital camera.  Photography can be used to capture images of work students have created and add their work to a digital portfolio.


167 Book Creator

Students can use Book Creator to create many types of books including interactive stories, science reports, instruction manuals, about me books, comic adventures, etc…

168 Cool math has interactive math lessons.  Watch out for though.  The games website has a lot of non-educational games and I don’t recommend it.  

169 Story Bird

With Story Bird students can create their own eBooks or read books created by others

170 Countdown Timer

Find a variety of different countdown timers to use in your classroom.

171 Team App

” Team App is a platform that allows teams and social groups to improve communication by creating their own smartphone app. ”

ClassHook Logo – Monogram

172 ClassHook

Classhook allows you to search for video clips from popular TV shows and movies that are educational and relevant to your topic.  There are filters to narrow down your search based on grade level and clip length.   

173 Badge Builder

Have you submitted a new badge idea through the badge submission form?  Was it approved and added to the list?  If you answered yes to both of those questions you can apply for #173 Badge Builder.


174 West Point Bridge Designer

Have your students design engineering and industrial projects with a CAD program like Point Bridge

175 MakeyMakey

Have your students explore and learn about electric circuits, conductivity, and electric flow.  This engaging learning toy is great for science class, maker spaces, and more.  Students can make music or play games with everyday objects.

Best Poll Everywhere Alternatives (2020) - SaaSHub

176 Poll Everywhere

Use Poll Everywhere to survey students and allow them to learn from the results.

Istation - Clever application gallery | Clever

177 iStation

Get your students learning reading or math through  iStations adaptive curriculum and assessments.


178 Siemen’s Solid Edge

Have your students design engineering and industrial projects with a CAD program like Siemen’s Solid Edge

179 Learning Farm

Learning Farm is a self paced and fun dynamic adaptive learning platform that has topics covering all TEKS.
Melodi Bedell at Lowe, “It provides building blocks for those who struggle with certain concepts.”


iCivics offers excellent free resources for teaching civics to your students. The best part of iCivics are the educational and engaging games.
“There are a lot of government games on this site and the kids LOVE them. They can even run for President!” Kari Foy at Lacy


ABCYA has Grammar and Math practice games for PK-6.
“This is especially helpful with my ELL kids. They can choose lower grade levels to review anything from Math to Words/Syllables.” Kari Foy at Lacy

Google Certified Educator LVL 1

Earn your certificate for Google Certified Educator Level 1
“I became Google certified to better help my virtual students in Google Classroom, and I can help my coworkers now with the basics of Google education tools.” Lauren Dierolf at Southard

Google Certified Educator LVL 2

Earn your certificate for Google Certified Educator Level 2

Google Certified

Earn Your Certificate for being a Google Certified Trainer

Google Certified

Earn your Certificate for being a Google Certified Innovator

CLI Engage

Assess your students progress thro8ugh out the year with TPRI , TXKEA, and more.
“Its great to see where students are and how they have improved throughout the year.” Hailey Muth at Lacy

Teachers Pay Teachers

Share your materials with other teachers on the TPT website.


Use ClassKick to present an interactive lesson or proctor an online exam.

Film Maker Pro

Use video editing software like Film Maker Pro to produce videos for your students or have students produce videos. You can apply for this badge for other video editing software as well like WeVideo, etc.

Stop Motion Animation

Have your students create a a stop motion animation with tools like JellyCam.


Use Eduphoria to examine assessment data. Use that data to identify TEKS and concepts to reteach.

Generation Genius

This resource has videos for most science concepts. The videos are engaging and draw students in. It is differentiated from K-8, so concepts are explained in more grade appropriate language and examples.

Google Sky

Engage your students in exploring the cosmos with Google Sky.

3D Printing

Get your students developing products with a 3D printer

Quiz free icon


make your in class game show experience more exciting and accurate with CosmoBuzz.

Fact Monster

A fun way to practice basic math facts.

Math Antics

Engage your students with Math Antics instruction videos. Kick it up a notch and make the math Antics video into an EdPuzzle.


Blooket is an engaging online review game with many different game modes.


Baamboozle is an awesome Teacher led whole group game show platform that you and your students will absolutely love.

PowerPoint Timers

Create or use custom PowerPoint presentations that are timed to automate and facilitate your class.

Access Pink Cat Games - YouTube

Pink Cat Studio

Activities, decor, review games, classroom management tools and more.

Classroom Booksource

Here is a really cool tool for managing your own classroom Library. Thanks to Mrs. Bagale for the recommendation!

WordWall takes your list of vocabulary and turns it into a dozen different games. It is one of the coolest things ever. Thanks to Mrs. Neal and Mrs. Summers for this recommendation.


Jump on the wordle craze by custom creating your won wordle puzzles for your students. You aren’t limited to 5 letter words. How about foreign language vocabulary words? this would be an awesome way to study those. Or spelling words!!! Thanks to Mrs. Petrovic for this wonderful tip.

Slides Carnival

Slides Carnival provides themed google slides templates. “By using the templates it takes a boring google slide lesson and transforms it into a more engaging fun presentation.” Mrs. Rios at Southard loves how it saves her time by providing perfect templates. We will gladly accept SlidesGo or another Slides template provider.

Talking Points

Talking points is a parent communication tool that translates communications in to multiple languages.
Mrs. Beaty at Lacy says, “Allows me to communicate with parents in English or Spanish easily and quickly.”


You can earn this badge again each time you have your students complete a PHET Simulation. Engage your students in digital simulations for Physics, Chemistry, Math, Earth Science, and Biology. Highly recommended by Mrs. Summers at the HS.


PocketLab provides the flexible hands-on tools and resources you need to teach science your way. Another good one from Mrs. Summers at the HS.

Science Fusion
How do forces affect motion

Have your students complete the virtual simulation “How do forces affect motion”

Science Fusion
Water changes the earth’s surface

Have your students complete the virtual simulation “How water changes the earth’s surface”

Science Fusion
Design a solution to a problem

Have your students complete the virtual simulation “Designing a solution to a problem”

Science Fusion
Model Erosion

Have your students complete the virtual simulation “Model Erosion”

Science Fusion
Conserve Resources

Have your students complete the virtual simulation “Conserve Resources”

Enhance a PDF

Create a Formative activity for your students by enhancing an existing PDF document

Enhance a Video

Create a Formative activity for your students by enhancing an existing video file

Import Google Slides

Create a Formative activity for your students by importing an existing Google Slides

Import Google Doc

Create a Formative activity for your students by importing an existing Google Doc

Multiple Choice Activity

Create a new from scratch Formative activity using Multiple Choice questions

Numeric Activity

Create a new from scratch Formative activity using Numeric question types

Formative Combined Activity

Go next level by creating from scratch a Formative activity that combines both multiple choice and numeric question types

The Watcher

Watch from your teacher portal as students answer questions live

The Artist

Have your students respond to a Formative question by using the built in tools to draw their answer. This could include having students finish a drawing. Illustrating a historic scene or making a technical drawing of an item.


Leave feedback in the form of a teacher comment on your students Formative assignments

The Annotator

Have students annotate a PDF or Doc in Formative

The Web Weaver

Have students create a word web or Semantic map in a formative assignment

Multiple Choice

Create and have your students complete a multiple choice activity in Edulastic

Fill in the Blank

Create and have your students complete a fill in the blank activity in Edulastic


Create and have your students complete a matching or sorting activity in Edulastic


Have your students answer an essay question in Edulastic


Create and have your students complete an Edulastic activity in which students use the several highlight question types


Create and have your students complete an Edulastic activity in which your students use the built in math tools


Create and have your students complete an Edulastic activity for your students in which they use a graph to answer


Create and have your students complete an Edulastic activity with multipart questions


Have students create a bar chart, line chart, histogram, dot plot, or line plot in Edulastic

Data Diver

Identify a concept your students are struggling with by examining the Edulastic Data

GC Integration

Share and Edulastic activity with your students through Google Classroom

Multimedia Master

Create an Edulastic Activity that incorporates an audio or video file

FB Groupie

Join the official Edulastic FB group to learn how other educators use Edulastic

Get Started

Create your account and get logged into Zearn

Get Setup

Set up your class and roster your students in Zearn

Bookmark a Lesson

Bookmark a lesson for a student in Zearn. This assigns a specific activity to a student over a standard they need more practice on.

BrainPOP Recommended Topic

Assign one of the recommended topics that appear on your BrainPOP teacher home page

SEL Lesson

Assign a Social Emotional Learning lesson to your classes

Brain Pop
Engineering and Tech

Have your students complete and engineering and tech lesson in BrainPOP


Have your students complete a science lesson in BrainPOP

Social Studies

Have your students complete a social studies lesson in BrainPOP


Have your students complete a math lesson in BrainPOP

Arts and Music

Have your students complete an art and music lesson in BrainPOP

Week in Rap

Engage your students with the Flocabulary Week in Rap to review current events

New Concept Launch

Start a new unit with a Flocabulary video as the launch

Lyric Lab

Have students demonstrate their knowledge by getting them to jump into the rap game with Flocabulary’s Lyric Lab

Read and Respond

Engage students by assigning Flocabulary short reading passages with practice questions

Discuss Mode

Pause and Play your way through a Flocabulary video in Discuss Mode

Challenge Raps

Get your students in a Flocabulary Challenge Rap battle over several possible math topics

Progress Learning

Set up 4 shortcuts on the teacher dashboard where you first log in

Progress Learning
Pending Setup

Assign a course to each of your listed classes to remove the “Pending Setup” label

Progress Learning Create Assessment

Choose standards and have Progress Learning create an assessment for your students. Oh also assign it and have them complete it.

Progress Learning
Custom Assessment

Create a custom assessment where you choose the questions yourself

Progress Learning
Share Assessment

Share an assessment you made with another teacher

Progress Learning
Create Assignment

Create an assignment with practice questions, notes, a learning video, and an assessment. Also have your students complete this assignment.

Progress Learning
Question Creator

Create 5 teacher made questions in Progress Learning and assign them to your students

Progress Learning
Space Explorers

Get all of the students in one class up from Space kitty to Space Explorer

Progress Learning
Space Pirates

Get all of the students in once class ranked up to at least Space Pirates

Progress Learning
Captain Galaxy

Get all of the students in one class ranked up to at least Captain Galaxy

Progress Learning
Captain Prestige

Get all of the students in one class completely leveled up to Captain Galaxy Prestige level

Progress Learning
Bulletin Board

Use the printable Bulletin Board resources to make a place to showcase your students alien ranking progress

Progress Learning
Certified Ranks

Pass out the Progress Learning certificates to your students as they complete Alien Ranking levels

Progress Learning
Green Dot Challenge

Get your students started in teh Progress Learning Green Dot Challenge

Progress Learning

Get all of the students in one class to thier full 348 Galaxy Stars Earned

Progress Learning
Bell Ringer

Use a Progress Learning Bell Ringer to start your class

Progress Learning
Session Activity Report

Examine a Session activity report after your students complete an assignment or assessment and tell me what you noticed.

Progress Learning
Galaxy Star Report

Look up your classes Galaxy Star Report and see how their progress is coming along. Do you qualify yet for badge #269 the “348ers”

Progress Learning
Liftoff Diagnostic

View your liftoff Diagnostic report and identify a standard you could reinforce. Let me know the standard and I might even make you an activity for it.

Progress Learning
Printed Prepper

Find an applicable activity for your students in the Printable Worksheets. Print it and set it off to the side for a later date when you will be out and need work for a substitute.

Progress Learning
Printed Writer

Find and use with your class one of the Printable writing activities available in Progress Learning.

Progress Learning
Student Experience

View the Student Experience Webinar from Progress Learning

Progress Learning
Getting Started

View the Getting Started webinar from Progress Learning

District Teacher Web Page

Update your district teacher webpage with current info. Try not to use date related terminology so you don’t have to update it often.

279 is another option for a tool to create online digital activities that you can assign to your students. Activities include: sorting, drawing, label an image, matching, tables, and more.


Find and assign age appropriate reading activities for you r students. Activities can be sorted by genre, theme, literary devices, and state standards. From Mrs. Dixon at Clark MS “I like this because I can use it both online or in print form.”
Also Mrs. Katie Smith at Lovelady HS “Students can work on comprehension and analysis skills but also make connections to the main text studied in class to a supplemental text.”

Coming Soon

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Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a program that helps struggling readers catch up to grade level with audio books. Mrs. K. Green at Lacy Elementary had this to say about it. “It helps them get experience listening to someone read, which has a connection to them learning to read themselves.”


Teachermade is one of my favorite tools. It is one of the top 3 EdTechTools of all time IMHO. Teacher made lets you take your boring old worksheets and turn them into digital activities or create some very unboring digital activities from scratch. Mrs. A Smith at Lovelady HS had this to say about it in her recommendation, “Instant feed back. Instant corrections. Auto grades. Allows me to track their progress all at once.”

Easel by TPT

Easel is another option for creating online digital assignments. This tool is a part of the TPT system and easily integrates with any activities you have purchased from them. It allows you to digitize and assign activities in Google Classroom. Mrs. Blair at Lovelady HS had this to say about it, “Since the Easel by TPT site is integrated with Google Classroom, it helps cut down on students wondering if they turned an assignment. Its also handy when kids are absent then they can have a virtual copy of the assignment and they don’t miss a beat.”
Mrs. Webb at Godwin Elementary had this to say about it, “Some students struggle with writing neatly on fill in the blank items so by having the assignment digitally it helps those students keep their work neat and on track rather than worrying about fitting everything on the paper.”

Grade Transferer

Grade transferer is a paid Google Chrome extension that helps you to automatically sync up gradebooks between Google Classroom and Infinite Campus. This comes highly recommended by Mrs. Arionne Smith at Lovelady HS.


The website is a platform that allows users to create and share interactive visual content, such as presentations, infographics, interactive images, and videos. The main purpose of is to provide a user-friendly tool with templates for creating visually appealing and engaging content for the classroom. Mrs. Katie Smith at Lovelady enjoys using the Escape Room templates.


Have students use the more than 40 tools available in Kami to collaborate and annotate. Mrs. Katie Smith at Lovelady says, “Annotating and collaboration tools for all types of documents. I use it with my PDF documents the most. Students can highlight, doodle, mark out, write notes, and listen to the document being read to them.”


Engage your students in with premade lessons or create your own lesson with the platform. Mrs. Dittman at Lacy had this to say about it, “Provides ways for them to experience music in all kinds of ways, especially review games for EOY test.”


Engage your class in a Jeopardy style quiz game with Factile! it’s a blast and comes highly recommended by Mrs. Arionne Smith at Lovelady HS, Mrs. Rebekkah Patterson at Southard MS, and Mrs. Hall in the curriculum department.

Ninja in the Middle

Challenge your class to a game of greater than and less than with Ninja in the Middle or the Pro version. This EdTechMrBrown original was recommended by Mrs. Ms. Matthews at Lacy Elementary.

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