Login Issues with Google

Login Issues with Google

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Are yours or your students Google Forms submissions not coming through? Are they seemingly disappearing into the ether? Are you frustrated beyond belief? Don’t panic. I have not run into a case of this yet where one of these four tips didn’t fix the problem. These login issues can effect more than just Google Forms.

1 Don’t use a cell phone to complete it (Google Forms pulls the main personal gmail account as the ID and blocks it.) Or login to the cell phone as a brand new user with only the school @princetonisd.net gmail.

2 Logout all the way out of the Chromebook and log back in with their school account through ClassLink.  They are sometimes logged in with a personal gmail account first or on a siblings login and just open a new browser, which won’t work.

3 I also have seen this caused by students in a Google Classroom with a personal Gmail and not their school Gmail.

4 If it is on a PC computer they need to watch this video to learn how to create their own school only browser launcher.