Jurassic Jaunt #Tswift 6th ELAR Q3 Review

OMG Have you heard the latest gossip about Taylor Swift!?!? Well, 6th Grade ELAR teachers here it is for your students! This is a 3rd quarter review activity to engage your students skills and imaginations on a topic they are sure to love. This mega activity includes a pdf of 26 pages with custom made fake news/satirical articles, daily journals, and short stories about Taylor Swift and her whirlwind vacation around the globe with her new adopted velociraptor babies. The activity also has a Google Form which is broken down into sections by TEKS. This activity includes a plethora of fascinating AI generated images of Tswift and her raptors in exotic locations around the globe. I even crafted a culturally accurate click batey hash tagged social media video as a hook for the lesson. All of the resources are below for you to explore and download for yourself.

6.2A – use print or digital resources to determine the meaning, syllabication, pronunciation, word origin, and part of speech
6.5E – make connections to personal experiences, ideas in other texts, and society (R)
6.6D – paraphrase and summarize text in ways that maintain meaning and logical order
6.7A – infer multiple themes within and across texts using text evidence

Click the image above to download your own copy of the Google Form that you can assign in Google Classroom.