Moon Base Echo

This is a digital menu activity for 6th grade social studies first 9 weeks review. My digital menus are choice board activities. Students are challenged to complete a certain number of activities in each category. These requirements are in the directions of the activity. Assign the Google Drawing in Google Classroom and each icon links to an activity option.

This Menu has a fun theme. Be sure to read the introduction on the activity.

This activity focuses on the labeling of continents, oceans, and latitude and longitude lines on a world map. In this first sections students must complete both challenges. The next section is about Landforms. This section challenges students to an online review game over landforms. Students choose from one of the three game types to play. In the third section students choose to learn more about a Command Economy or a Free Market economy by studying a real world example of how those economies function and their affects on their countries. Students read a brief article then support what they learned with facts from the reading selection. In the last section students are challenged to an EdPuzzle video on one of the Innovation and Technology topics from Scientific discoveries of Newton and Einstein, The History of Medicine, The Transcontinental Railroad, or Inventors and Inventions.