Podcast Project

Podcast Project

Here is an introduction to student created podcasts.  Watch this presentation to learn what a podcast is and why you should consider a podcast project for your students.  


Use the link at the top of the page to download the files you will need for this project.  

The files include a set of Teacher directions as well as a rubric to set student expectations and explain directions.  You can save a copy of these files and edit the rubric as you need to.

Anchor.FM is the recommended tool for recording and producing podcasts. Here are some tutorial videos that you could watch with your class or even better share with them to watch on their own device.  


You could also accomplish this with Adobe Spark and have a file to download if you don’t want to publish podcasts online.  

 Students will be creating document files for interview questions, outlines, timelines, and more in addition to the final podcast product.  I would created separate assignments in Google classroom for students to turn in these files on the appropriate due dates. 

Safety Disclaimer

Of Course you should be sure that you and your students are adhering to all of your campus and district policies regarding privacy and publication.  You might not be able to publicly post the finished podcasts and might need to have students download a copy of their podcast to turn in to a more private setting.  Do your research on that and keep yourself out of trouble.  That could change the tools you use to create your podcast.