Create or find TEKS based quizzes for your students.
Get usable data based on their results.

It looks like on a free account you can only see data for the most recent 5 activities.

Syncs with Google Classroom and posts activities directly to it.

Oh… My… Differentiation….
Send follow up activities to students based on their results

You can use images in the questions and answer choices. You can upload images or link to them by URL.

Math Mode helps you create math quizzes with all those symbols and

You can import questions from a spreadsheet or a Quizlet set.

Quizalize can read your activity aloud with text-to-speech.

You can include audio recordings with your questions.

You can set a time limit for each question which will in turn create a time limit for the entire quiz/test/activity.
You can also assign these Quizalize activities as a Test.

So that means you can use this tool to assign a time limited Test.

You can assign these quizzes as homework (Count it as a quiz or test) or play a live game in class.
You can also print the quiz and even answer documents if you have both in person and virtual students and a lack of technology.

And the results are in…..
You can see data on each question, what the student answered, and even how long it took them to answer.