Photo Slide Show Video

Can you make me a video of all my class photos for the year and put them to these songs? That is a question I get a lot, especially toward the end of the year. So here is your detailed walk through on how you may easily do this now with Canva.
We will look at how to use Canva to make a video slide show of our class photos. We’ll use templates with animations and transitions. Customize the graphics and text. We will look at how to add music. We will also look at how to design our own photo slide templates instead of using those already in Canva. It’s SUPER easy and you should be able to make a huge video to share with your class or school in about ten minutes. You could also embed videos on to these slides if photos are too 1998 for you. Canva will set the slide time to the length of your imbedded video. Also if you have your own song files you may use those instead of Canva’s songs through the Uploads menu.

View the example video we made