Digital Collaborative Jigsaw Method

Expert Groups

Divide all of your students up equally into Expert Groups.

Assign a different topic from the unit to each expert group.

Expert Groups must collaborate online to create one digital graphic organizer that thoroughly and accurately explains their topic.

You might want to include specific requirements to lead your experts in the right direction.

Expert Groups need to choose an infographic template from the list here at

They can share and collaborate on the same infographic by clicking share and then share a link to edit.

Teaching Teams

Teaching teams should be made up of evenly distributed students, one from each expert group.

Each teaching team needs to create a copy of this collaborative Google Slides Presentation and share it with everyone in their teaching team. Each expert needs to upload their infographic to the Google Slides Presentation.

Experts should download their groups infographic as a PNG image file. They then need to upload that image file to the background image of their slide in the collaborative Google Slides Presentation (directions follow below).

Teaching Teams should then take turns teaching each topic to their team using the infographic as a guide to their teaching.

Change Background
Choose Image, then navigate to find the correct image file and click done