7th math % Restaurant Activity

Restaurant Menu Percentages Activity

This activity is in a Google Docs format and is designed to be assigned in Google Classroom.  It could also be printed and handed out.  

Students will examine a menu from a restaurant and select food for themselves and their friends.  Students must use math computation to find the total of their meal, the amount of taxes owed, and the amount of tip that should be left for the server.  

This activity has two versions.  Depending on the level of your students you might use the more difficult original version or the easier simplified version.  You cold even do both starting with the simplified version to ensure understanding of the process then give students more freedom and have them complete the original version.  

  • In the first version the menu is larger and students have more flexibility in their choices.  The first version would be more fun and engaging but everyone’s answers will be different and it will not match directly to an answer key.  
  • The second simplified version gives students specific requirements on menu items so that everyone’s answers should work out to the same amounts in the end.  This version has an accompanying answer key.