Game Salad

I have recently started to learn to create video games with This is an exciting tool to make custom video games from scratch. This is a little time consuming and challenging but also very rewarding when you figure out how to make some of the features work.

This is NOT free beyond the first 5 day. I will say that the 5 days only tick away when I have used the program. I tried it the first day then almost a week later I went back to it for day 2 expecting my trial to be expired and was pleasantly surprised.

So if you have always considered jumping into this sort of tool for your self or for your students. Do it! It’s worth it. You will love it.

Here are some examples of games I made so far with this program. These are rather lame first attempts but at least three fourths of them are educationally valuable. I will be subscribing for myself that is for sure. Do you have a game Idea that I can try to make for you and your students?