HMH Online Textbooks: Avancemos and more

Teachers and students will both access the online textbooks for HMH through ClassLink. It is the Holt McDougal My HRW app at this time (I have seen that change so look for something HMH related). Inside this app you can choose what ever text book you need access to.

That will drop you on your Dashboard which gives you access to the many available resources.

At-Home Learning Support gives access to .pdf copies of the text book’s student edition.

The Program Preview is a short video about the resources available to teachers and students

Teachers Edition opens a browser based online copy of the textbooks teacher edition. There is a print option available from the menu on the left side of the page as well as other helpful tools like the ability to create bookmarks and notes.

The Teacher Resources menu provides access to tons of resources but most importantly I found Graphic organizers and Rubrics. Also, Activities opened up an enormous Word doc that included printable worksheets and activities.

Student Edition opens up a browser based online version of the textbook with many tools including access to additional resources with practice activities.

Student Resources gives students access to practice activities, self check quizzes, and review games.

Assignments gives you the ability to assign online digital activities to your students.

Reports gives you access to ALL THE DATA!!!