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I love these types of programs which not only teach children about budgeting and financial literacy but they are just fun, engaging, and student centered. They are a way to transform your classroom for the better while teaching the most relevant real world skills. You assign responsibilities to students as jobs. There are default jobs built in or you can add custom jobs.

Students earn a salary with their job and use that salary to pay their bills. There are fines for undesired behaviors. More importantly students can earn bonuses so you can reinforce positive behaviors!

Students can spend some of their salary on rewards in the class store. Those can be as simple as special privileges or physical prizes you keep in your class.

There is an awful lot available for free without the pro subscription. Below are the extra features you can get with a pro-plan. Those features include giving a student job access to run the bank and rewards store. Most of it looks rather automatic though with the salaries and bills. It should be easy to catch up on fines and bonuses every now and then.