Black History Month

Here are some digital resources to help you cover Black History Month with your students.

Here is a research project that you can assign to your students in Google Classroom. When I made this project I tried to include some lesser covered and very important Black Americans from history. My students always enjoyed diving deeper than Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks with this assignment.
Download Here

From the United States Library of Congress, here is their African American History Month website. The Audio and Video menu includes some fascinating interviews from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. The For Teachers page includes primary sources as well as lessons and activities to go with them.

Here are some resources curated by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. The “More Than A Mapp” app featured on this page makes history more relevant by showing students where these events occurred in an interactive multimedia map on their device.

Here are some lessons and activities from Education World. The Under Ground Rail Road T.O.U.R. provides resources and lesson plans to help students explore what the UGRR was and that there was no train or tunnels involved.

These are a collection of links to the “Best African American History Apps and Websites” according to
The link for Slavery at Monticello allows students explore the life of a slave on one of histories most important people and biggest hypocrites, Thomas Jefferson’s, Monticello estate.