Badges D

324 Desmos

Be awesome like Mrs. Webb at Godwin and Mrs. Oliva Zamora at Clark MS who have their students Students graph and manipulate equations, inequalities, and coordinates with Desmos online calculator tools. Works well with IXL.

58 Digital Assignment

Take an assignment that you have previously made and convert it to a digital assignment which students can complete and submit on a digital device.    (FREE)

100 Digital Escape Room

Build a digital escape room to challenge your students critical thinking skills and content knowledge. 

20 Digital Learning Menu

Create an online learning menu to support and dig deeper into a topic you are teaching in your class. (FREE)
“I just posted my first learning menu today but plan on using them weekly” Candace Coffee Princeton GT

68 Digital Primary Sources

 Have students explore a digital primary source to enhance their understanding about a topic.   (FREE) 

138 Discovery Education

Engage students in the vast list of resources available through Discovery Education.  

District Teacher Web Page

Update your district teacher webpage with current info. Try not to use date related terminology so you don’t have to update it often.

120 Doceri

Use Doceri to teach your class free from the PC.

66 3Doodler

Have students create a product or a piece of art using a 3Doodler 3D printing pen.