Student Creation

This activity is created in the spirit of the good old Choose Your Own Adventure books of my youth.  

This lesson includes all the activities necessary to complete it including templates, teacher example, teacher directions, student directions, brainstorming activity, outlining activity, editable outline files.

Students will brainstorm ideas for a story, create an outline that advances and organizes their plot, develop those ideas into an interactive adventure in Google Forms, and share their creations with the class.  Not only do students get to demonstrate their knowledge and practice kills by creating stories, they get to have fun experiencing each others adventures.  

Try out the example here:

Skills practiced: Writing, brainstorming, outlining, revising and editing, Google Drive, Google Forms, Gmail, Google sharing, recalling, demonstrating knowledge, creating, analyzing, comparing and contrasting, Reviewing, critical thinking, analysis, typing, basic computer skills, etc.


You could use the template to create interactive activities for your students.

SPED: Create interactive social stories to teach lessons to students.