Valentine’s Virtual Activities

We are going to explore some digital resources and activites for Valentine’s Day.
First off a fun and easy idea, read a Valentine’s Day book over Google Meet to your students. Ask engaging questions and have discussions just as you would in class. Here are some Valentine’s Books.

Have a virtual costume contest. Get your students to dress up for Valentines day in a creative homemade costume or simply theme dressing.

Have your students create an art project for a virtual show and tell. Here are some art project ideas. I like the cardboard roll heart stamp. Have students create a string of heart shape garland with each heart highlighting a person that they love.

Another idea might be to have students decorate their virtual learning space with valentine’s decorations. Creating those decorations while chatting together in break out rooms can be a great activity.

Instead of passing out Valentine’s cards to little mailboxes in class Create a post in your Google Classroom stream for each of your students. Then have your class repy to each post with something that they appreciate about that person. Of course start off those replies yourself with great modeling of what you are looking for.

Turn Secret Santa into a Secret Valentine guessing game with Flipgrid. Assign each student another student who is their Secret Valentine. Create a FlipGrid where students reply with cryptic clues about who their Secret Valentine is. Students need to reply to each video response with a guess of who that person’s secret Valentine is.

Tell Valentines Day Jokes!

Google Slides poem project. Create a Collaborative Google Slide or Jamboard and share it with your class. Have each student create a slide for themselves and write a poem on their slide. You can give them as much freedom to create as you want or give them a specific words to make acrostic poems from.

Share a fun video of Valentine’s Day facts. You can broadcast it live over Google Meet or post it as an assignment in Google Classroom and ask students to respond to a critical thinking video based on the video