Get ready for Hour of Code

Hour of code is approaching! December 7-13 is Hour of Code Week. Time to start planning a way to fit coding programs into a lesson that second week of December. Here is information on how to plan your Hour of Code activities.

You don’t need to have computers to explore coding. I have a set of programmable coding robot mice that students can use to learn basics of coding. Contact me to reserve one of those for your Hour of Code activities. You can also find or create coding card games.

If you have held Hour of Code activities before but your colleagues have not, maybe invite them to join your students for the first time with their entire class or during their conference period.

Jump out of your comfort zone and into Hour of Code. I promise you won’t regret it. You and your students will have a great time.

There are online coding practice games for all levels of student and skill level. I recommend you dig into any of these coding games you plan to have your students work on so you can know what to expect.