Math 4.4H Two-Step Problems

TEKS Math 4.4(H)

solve with fluency one- and two-step problems involving multiplication and division, including interpreting remainders.

Need to get your students practicing a little two step problem solving that include multiplication, division, AND even a little interpreting remainders!?!? Then come on down to Battle Bots Warehouse! Where you get more battle bots for less money and more math practice with less tears!
Multiplication: Students must determine how many battle bots were sold on a particular day then figure out the total sales based on that day’s market price.

Division: Students must determine how many robots need to be ordered to replenish stock in the warehouse. Then they must divide to calculate how many cases of each robot they need to order. There will be a remainder which must round up to the next whole case number.

Let’s make an entire battle bots lesson out of this.

Here is a Warm up activity that has students calculate the speed of Blitz Claw!

Le them be entertained by these gladiators!

Also, I have some battle bots to bring in to your class for your students to play with after completing the main activity.