Book Creator Student Project

Nov 2023 Book Creator Update

I love book creator it is a fantabulous tool that I hope you are at least familiar with. Book Creator now integrates Canva which makes both programs even better for their new abilities and their coolness factor of association with each other. Have you thought about having your students create a study guide in Book Creator? They can explain and organize everything they have learned for a semester test or maybe even…. a STAAR Review Book. This will give them a new engaging way to review and study.

Check out this new video update about Book Creator. Also send me an email if you would like to get on the list for a free premium book creator account for the rest of the year. This is a tool which is great for more than just ELAR teachers. Students can make books over topics from any content area so don’t sleep on this just because you aren’t a reading teacher!

Example lesson I put together for Physics.

Student Directions

Log in to with your school district Google account.

You will be prompted to enter an invite code. You will get that code from your teacher.

Once you have joined the class library you will begin creating an eBook that creatively, thoroughly, and accurately explains your topic in a manner that a 4th grade student could read, understand, and learn from.

Your teacher will provide you with a specific topic.

See the grading rubric below to ensure you are producing the best possible project and earning the best possible grade.

(As a possible bonus activity you could create a quiz that accompanies your eBook and would be used to assess a readers comprehension. Be sure that the answers to the quiz questions are in the eBook. You may use what ever format or program your teacher approves to create the eBook quiz.)