The Final Frontier 8th ELAR Super Review Part 1

I present to you an absolutely amazing activity for the application of your students academic abilities. This activity does not include alliteration like that but it does cover: inferencing, text evidence, author’s purpose, similes, metaphor, hyperbole, idioms, summarization, mood, tone, comprehension annotation, revising, and editing.

This activity pushes the limits of your students minds by exploring cross curricular topics from science, math, and social studies for resources to apply these ELAR skills. The topics are relevant, applicable, and fun. Topics include online safety, Alaska, the Bill of rights, water slides, flying snakes, and the rarest animals, elements, and compounds on earth.

This is a Google slides activity designed to be assigned to your students in Google Classroom providing a copy for each student. The activity includes drag and drop elements, pre-inserted text answer boxes, and annotating with the shape tool.