Veterans Day Activities

Veterans Day Activities

Veterans Day Activities

Follow the link above to reach a website based lesson I created for Veterans Day. This lesson includes 5 activities starting with creating posters for an Honor Wall in your school.

There are 4 other web quest type activities that cover the history and purpose behind Veterans Day; Veterans of the American Revolution; WWII veterans; as well as stories from Afghan war veterans. Each of those four sections is also accompanied by a YouTube video.

Student responses to the Google Forms on the webpage will come to me but students will get an email confirmation of their submissions and scores if you find it necessary to take a grade on the activities.  ​

​Please notice the strategy I used to create this activity of embedding the Google Form directly in the web page.  That is a good idea to use with your own lessons.  That can be easily achieved with Google Sites.

These activities, I think, do a good job of educating students about veterans and veterans day as well as using skills students need to be successful including reading for understanding, multi-item select questions, analyzing graphs and charts, and exploring primary resources.

The honor wall posters are also available below. Please email me photos of your Honor Wall and share them on social media to honor those local veterans. Making our Honor Wall was something my students and I always loved doing.

I have also added a printable packet of all the questions from the embedded Google ​Form if you would prefer to use that and have something for your students to turn in.

Here are copies of the Google Form Files if you want to be able to assign them in Google Classroom.

I just completed and added a Google Doc activity about the veterans onboard the USS Indianapolis during WWII.

USS Indianapolis (CA-35) - Wikipedia