Let’s take a look at a new screen recording tool called RecordCast. I had a little trouble with this but a restart fixed my problems with my microphone being recognized and a problem where the video was not downloading at the end of the export process. Could have just been my PC. Here is my video I was able to produce and below that is a walkthrough the steps of using RecordCast.

The features seem to be rather good. I did notice that it says I have used 1 of 8 recordings. I haven’t found any details about what happens once I hit the 8. Perhaps I will just pump out 7 more videos and test that. A web search provided no answers. Speaking of that I didn’t have much luck finding help online with the product either. There was no Help section or database of FAQ’s. I reached out to RecordCast for clarification on the limits and it is a hard limit at 8 projects. Once you complete a project and download the finished video you no longer need to keep the project in your online account so you can always delete your oldest project before starting a new one.

You can of course sign up/in with Google. That is always my favorite method because I don’t have to remember what strange login or password I created.

“Create by Record” Starts a new recording.

You can record only the screen or the camera. You can also record both at the same time.

The first time you launch the program you will have to allow access to your camera and microphone.

The record settings screen unfortunately lacks any way to test and make sure your microphone is working. I would recommend a quick recording to test it before diving into a long recording.

You have many options to choose from which are incredibly similar to presenting in Google Meets. I chose entire screen and that worked fine for me. It was able to capture system sounds and video as well as the microphone.

When you finish your recording you will go to the editing software. There are some pretty neat looking features here including overlays and animated elements. This might be a very good free video editing software and that is something I am asked for all of the time. I might have a good answer now. I will have to make a more detailed video on these features.

Processing the video sure took a very long time so go get some coffee or hit the restroom while you are waiting. Don’t sit and stare at it or it will feel like forever.

The video lands in your Downloads folder when it is done.