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162 Watchkin

Watchkin is a safer way to show youtube videos in class.  Watchkin blocks adds and video recommendations to help avoid awkward moments in class.

158 WebQuest

Send your class on a student centered adventure through the internet to find answers and information.  Provide students with a list of questions and let them find the answers where they can.  You can also provide a specific website you want them to use for lower level students.

19 Webmaster

Create a website for your class using your preferred website building tool. (Free and paid options)
“I love having a place for learners, administrators, and parents to see what we are doing.” Candace Coffee at Princeton GT

174 West Point Bridge Designer

Have your students design engineering and industrial projects with a CAD program like Point Bridge

279 is another option for a tool to create online digital activities that you can assign to your students. Activities include: sorting, drawing, label an image, matching, tables, and more.

61 Word Cloud

Build a word cloud from a list of terms to present terms in a visual way.  (FREE) 

92 WriteReader

Have students collaborate together and create a book with WriteReader.