Writing Ideas

Here are a few ideas to incorporate writing in a more fun and engaging way.


OverType Typewriter simulator is fun for students to experience the old school typing process of yester year. It is a great reminder to us older folks how awesome the technology we have now really is and how much we take it for granted. It really is a challenge to use with our modern typing style. The sound effects are a big deal also.

Try to interpret that


Typewritesomething.com is a much easier to use tool and will be a lot less frustrating. The experience isn’t as authentic but still fun.


Looking to challenge your students with some larger writing assignments? yWriter6 might be a tool worth trying to better organize and improve their ideas.


Insert a “poet and didn’t even know it” joke here then have your students create their poetry in Canva. They can use all kinds of fonts, styles, templates, backgrounds, images, and more. Below is my own personal original creation as an example. It is an ode to our beagle puppy who has as many nicknames as he does bad habbits. Followed by another even lamer example.