Quick Tip: Digital Notebook Template

Quick Tip: Digital Notebook Template

I have talked to you before about Digital Interactive Notebooks. I have even given you an update. Well here is another update that brings to you a ready to be assigned template for a Digital Interactive Notebook. This template is already set up with a hyper linked table of contents that will leap you around in the notebook to 15 different possible units that you can use, a reference material section, and 4 bonus other sections that you can use for end of the year review or more. Simply assign this Slideshow to your students in Google Classroom so that they each get their own copy in their Google Drive. Slides include student directions to lead them along with customizing their notebook for your course.

This template offers students the opportunity to customize their notebook with their own personal Cover images and title images for each unit. Students can change the background of activity slides to an image of their activity that you push out to them through Google Classroom announcements.

You can have your students turn this notebook in to you via Google Classroom when ever you want for a notebook check then simply return it to them. Are you stuck wondering what kind of assignments you can give for a digital interactive notebook? Well then we will cover that in an upcoming quick tip as well.