Welcome to my Google Classroom resources. To start with we have my full Google Classroom training. The presentation is on the left and the video of a training session is on the right. You can go through the training with the video and experience Google Classroom from both the teacher and student perspective. Princeton ISD staff can join the Google Classroom as instructed and test out the assignments with us as you follow along.
Additionally, below this complete training session is a series of short videos on Google Classroom that might be helpful to you if you are interested in a quick bit of information on a specific topic.

My Google Classroom code has changed to the one listed above. If you choose to go through the training above you will need this code.

Accessing GC

Still Having trouble getting in to Google Classroom? It is usually because you or the student are not accessing it with the correct Google Account. Here is a video on how to avoid that. https://youtu.be/qxwY6_c_gyI

Join a Class

Create a Class

Class Settings

Notification Settings

Add Students

Add Parent/Guardian

Organizing Topics

Making Announcements

Posting Assignments

Grading and Returning Assignments

Importing Grades from a Google Form Quiz

Archive Assignments

Archive Course

Muting or Removing Students

Coming Soon?