Google Updates

Some improvements are coming to Google Apps that might help make your life easier. I dug through them to find the best and most important ones. Let’s take a look at a few of these which will impact us the most.

Beginning 22 February you will be able to end a Google Meet for all and remove everyone at once.

Starting March 3 you will be able to mute all participants in Google Meet at once.

Google Classroom will soon be providing data about student engagement.

Teachers will have more text options when making posts in Google Classroom. You will be able to make text bold, italicized, underline, and add bullet points.

Better functionality when grading assignments on mobile devices is on the way.

You no longer have to send students to outside apps to upload work. Students will be able to take pictures of written assignments and upload them directly from Google Classroom! Even Better, notice they can easily combine multiple pages into one submission!

Built in integration with outside apps is coming as Google Classroom add-ons. Hopefully we will see some of the big ones we use like ClassKick, EdPuzzle, teachermade and more. I will let you know when I get more specifics on this.

You should already have breakout rooms available in Google Meet. Have you been able to use those successfully? I don’t see it as an option for me…