US History Innovative Individuals 5.22A

Here is a digital activity for your 5th grade US history teachers. It teaches about significant contributors to technology and innovation from the 19th and 20th centuries. It is a self grading activity in TeacherMade and designed to be completed individually by students on Chromebooks. This activity uses new item type questions including multi select, drag and drop, hot spot, two part question, and more. I absolutely love this activity and think it will be a blast for your teachers and students.

5.22(A) identify the accomplishments of notable individuals in the fields of science and technology such as Benjamin Franklin, Eli Whitney, John Deere, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, George Washington Carver, the Wright Brothers, and Neil Armstrong

5.22(C)^ explain how scientific discoveries and technological innovations in the fields of medicine, communication, and transportation have benefited individuals and society in the United States