Google Basics

Learn the Basics and Get Google Teacher Certified

 Completing the Google Certified Educator processes is not just for someone who feels that they are a Google Expert.  The training modules offered for each of the Google Applications are very basic and detailed.  They are designed to teach beginning users how to use Google Apps.   There are easy to follow video tutorials in the modules.  Keep in mind that all of the Google applications are not only useful to you but for your students as well.

Not interested in becoming Google Certified?  Keep Scrolling down this page for links to basic Google training sessions.  


Fundamentals Training

 Fundamentals training is very broad ideas about how and why Google applications can help you as a teacher.


Google Drive

 Google Drive is like the old “My Computer”, “My Documents”, “My Pictures” etc.. that you are used to on a PC only better.  Google drive gives you access to all your files from anywhere with an internet connection from any device.  You can access your google drive from your desktop computer, from a Chromebook, a tablet, even your phone.  You can open and edit or use all your files from anywhere and any changes made sync to your Google Drive in the could.  If you change a file from one device it will be changed from another when you access it later as well.  No more wondering what computer you saved that last project to.


Google Slides

 Google Slides is Google’s version of Power Point or any other presentation software.  You create a slide show in which you can add images, embed YouTube videos, etc..  Students could even make stop motion animations.  I use Google Slides to create posters, signs, and other publishing needs.


Google Docs

 Google Docs is a word processing program that you or your students would use to prepare any sort of digital document you normally would in Microsoft Word.  You can use Google Docs to create activities for your students that you could assign in Google Classroom.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a game changer in education.  Google Classroom assists you in communicating with students and parents, assigning activities, collecting student work, providing feedback, letting students know their grades, facilitating collaboration, and more.  When you start using Google Classroom you will wonder how you survived before it.  Google classroom lets you schedule assignments to be posted at a later date or time.  That allows you to keep your class running smoothly even when you aren’t there.


Google Forms

Google forms is in a productivity category of it’s own.  There are several very important uses for Google Forms in school.  You can use forms to collect information from parents or students.  You can create activities and assessments in Google Forms.  Google Forms and Google Classroom together are a powerful combo for the classroom.


Google Sheets

Google Sheets is for managing spreadsheets and data like you would in Excel. Google sheets gives you access to your data from Google Forms.


Google Sites

Google sites is a free way for you or your students to create and host a website.  Google Sites offers user friendly interface with templates or lets you create from a blank canvas.  If, like myself, you tried Google Sites in the past ad walked away it has improved drastically.  GOOGLE SITES TRAINING

Google Drawing

Google Drawing is not quite MS Paint in some ways but far beyond it in others.  Drawings allows you to create and edit images.GOOGLE DRAWING TRAINING



YouTube of course provides you access to millions of videos that cover topics relevant to education.  YouTube also provides you with a place to upload videos that you have created.  You can create playlists of videos for your students.  YouTube also offers video editing tools.  YOUTUBE TRAINING

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is more than just an instant messenger or video call application.  You can use Google Hangouts to collaborate and hold online meetings including screen sharing.GOOGLE HANGOUTS TRAINING


Gmail is probably already your email at work and personally.  Gmail provides great search and organization features as well is seamless integration with other Google Applications.  You get lots of storage space and limitless web access from anywhere.  GMAIL TRAINING

Google Chromebooks

Check out the link below to learn more about using Google Chromebooks in your classroom.  Chromebooks are small, simple, and quick loading laptops that operate on Google Chrome software with Google Applications like Docs, Drive, Slides, and more.  Chromebooks are great for students because they aren’t too complicated and offer few possible problems to experience.  Most issues you run into using a Chromebook are super simple to remedy compared to a windows based PC or laptop.CHROMEBOOK TRAINING

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is so smart and readily available to you from most other Google applications as well as Calendar itself.  If you are looking at an email that mentions a meeting you need to attend chances are Calendar has already added it for you or has it there ready for you to post.  Calendar has very customizable and flexible reminder notification settings that can simplify your life.  GOOGLE CALENDAR TRAINING