Quick Tip: Wakelet

Wakelet is a tool that you and your students can use to curate and or share digital content. You can use Wakelet to make a shareable interactive class news letter, to share resources that you want your students to use, or to collect digital assignments from your students that you want them all to be able to view. Have students make a digital portfolio of their work in Wakelet. You could require to gather all of their research resources for a project on a Wakelet board so that they can easily find them to cite them later. Students can collaborate together on a Wakelet. Here are a few other good ideas. Pro-tip when customizing the design of your Wakelet board you can also add a unique background image to better communicate the theme of your assignment.

We will take a quick look at a Wakelet in this video. Below you can further explore the Waklet I made on the year 1988.