Podcasts can be a great way for your students to develop skills and learn about a subject through some seriously fun Project Based Learning. Check out the video and resources below explaining how you can get your students started podcasting.  

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This is the explanation of that slideshow above.



Teachers could find or produce podcasts to explain new concepts

A recorded lecture that students could refer back to

More importantly Students producing podcasts is the best way to implement this

The best use of edtech is we can get technology tools and skills in to the hands of students

That’s next level and should always be the goal


Podcasts are like talk radio shows but in a potentially better format without time constraints and interruptions

Educational podcasts like those that your students will produce are the #2 type of Podcast out there right behind Comedy podcasts


Not necessarily podcasts about educational topics but Podcasts that are themselves educational about a topic

Podcasts are super popular.  I am listening to podcasts every chance I get.  If I am busy with a task that isn’t mentally taxing i am keeping my mind occupied with a podcast, exercising, diring, yard work, house work


Student centered learning through exploring a topic

Developing future ready job skills

Getting kids ready for the real world is our job it has so much more value than any test score

Top podcasters make more than $10 million a year


Production skills, recording, editing, learning software and hardware

Critical thinking skills required to troubleshoot production issues

Some teachers have reported a therapeutic benefit for their students talking out issues and finding people with similar interests, problems, community issues

It can be a lot easier for students to convey humor in an audio recording. If that is their talent they can get their message across easier through inflection and tone of voice.  

Interview skills, students might need to interview an expert.  They’ll have to prepare interview questions as well as schedule and arrange  interview times with their guests

This is Project based Learning.  You want your students to produce a podcast as a process of learning and exploring.  They could also produce a podcast as a summative project showing what they already learned.


Students can connect with the community through podcasts.   They can cover community events or history.  Interview community members, take community feedback that they discuss

This is a collaborative project.  Students will be dependent on each other’s skill sets to complete the task.  Find your students strengths personality types then group them accordingly.  

Writing Practice ELA TEACHERS!  Writing scripts ahead of time.  Creating transcripts afterward.  Editing those things.

Contests for recognition and fun NPR Student Podcast Challenge

NPR provides resources to help students get started at podcasting from the perspective that they are total n00bs at it.



Find some relevant and appropriate podcasts to share with your students as examples like The fun Kids Science Weekly

Have students analyze podcasts and identify the different elements so they can understand what they are working toward

This is going to be a long term project.  For it to take 4 to 6 weeks to complete is not outrageous.  If you have ever tried to complete a huge project in class like a newspaper, news program you know that it never gets done in the week or so you plan for it.

Give students freedom to create but provide a framework to keep them on task.

Have clear expectations for the finished project, like a minimum or maximum length.  Plan progress checks at production deadlines not just for daily grades but to keep your students headed in the right direction


Anchor.fm is one of the most recommended programs I have seen for podcasting.  It is supposed to be very simple and user friendly.

Garageband is a more advanced option.  It will give you more control over the audio but will take more skill to produce.  

No need to spend tons of money on equipment.  The basic earbuds that came with everyones phone work just fine for a microphone.  Cheap microphones are available on Amazon if you have to desire and the budget to kick it up a notch. 

Have kids test out equipment and locations for sound quality before making any long recording.  Background noise can be a real distraction.

I have seen teachers make little cardboard box recording studios.  Line the inside of a moving box with eggcrate foam and set an ipad inside it for recording.  That isolates the speaker’s voice and eliminates that background noise.   You could also hang some heavy curtains in your room for a studio something that simple will help with the sound quality.  


I for one am excited about starting a podcast to talk to teachers about the edtech ideas they are trying in class.  I want to give them a voice to share their success and failures to help other teachers learn and gain confidence.

I can see students producing history podcasts discussing events and interviewing experts or witnesses.

How about a science podcast documenting an experiment or exploring an animal species

Electives like careers could have students produce podcasts exploring job options available locally.

Health class podcasts could have students research and survey the student body and discuss their results over a topic.

Math classes could make podcasts discussing data they collected and making predictions about future trends.

Engineering could cover projects and competitions that their students are involved in….

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head.

If you have been inspired and have a great idea for a student podcast project in your class will you please share it in the Youtube comments to help out your fellow teachers!

Shout out to Rachel Jarreau, Emily Patrick, and Lori Roberts at Goose Creek Consolidated ISD for their podcasting session at TCEA 2020


Thanks for sticking with me and learning about podcasting  Check out the resources for this Quick Tip on edtechmrbrown.com