199 Baamboozle

Baamboozle is an awesome Teacher led whole group game show platform that you and your students will absolutely love.

173 Badge Builder

Have you submitted a new badge idea through the badge submission form?  Was it approved and added to the list?  If you answered yes to both of those questions you can apply for #173 Badge Builder.

49 Bell Ringer

Use a technology tool or app to create a quick bell ringer activity to get your students focused and on task upon entering the room.  (FREE)

41 Blendspace

Create an interactive lesson with Blendspace to engage your students in a topic. (Free and paid options)

28 Blogger

Start an online blog to share stories of what is happening in your class with students, parents, the community, and the world.  Maybe your tales can inspire other teachers. (FREE)
“My blog has been a nice outlet to share my educational experiences and ideas.” Stormy Hoyle at Lacy


Blooket is an engaging online review game with many different game modes.

115 Bloomz

Use Bloomz to communicate with parents.


Foster your students love for learning with the game based system of Boddle Learning. Thanks to Mrs. Matthews at Lacy and Mrs. Webb at Godwin Elementary for this suggestion.

167 Book Creator

Students can use Book Creator to create many types of books including interactive stories, science reports, instruction manuals, about me books, comic adventures, etc…

135 Book Wizard

You can use Scholastic Book Wizard to find new books or identify reading levels of books for your students to make sure they are reading on level.

326 Boom Cards

Boom cards is a really fun way to make engaging activities for students who are pre readers. This platform includes options for visuals and digital manipulatives. it is even fun for more advanced students. It provides a great way to assign digital task cards to students. Thanks to Mrs. Webb at Godwin for this idea.

161 Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls is a fun tool for monitoring classroom volume levels.  Bouncy Balls uses visual and audio cues to warn your class to be quiet.

97 BrainPop

Use BrainPop’s animated videos, games, and activities to spice up your lessons.  Subscription based but does have some free content.

25 Breakout EDU

 Get kids involved gaming, learning, and team building with Breakout EDU.  Gets students out of their seat, thinking critically, collaborating and creating as the solve puzzles to win the game. 
“We played a Halloween digital breakout on figurative language” Lauren Dierolf at Southard

BrainPop ELAR

Have your students complete an ELAR BrainPop activity.

242 BrainPOP Recommended Topic

Assign one of the recommended topics that appear on your BrainPOP teacher home page

243 BrainPOP SEL Lesson

Assign a Social Emotional Learning lesson to your classes

244 Brain Pop Engineering and Tech

Have your students complete and engineering and tech lesson in BrainPOP

245 BrainPOP Science

Have your students complete a science lesson in BrainPOP

246 BrainPOP Social Studies

Have your students complete a social studies lesson in BrainPOP

247 BrainPOP Math

Have your students complete a math lesson in BrainPOP

248 BrainPOP Arts and Music

Have your students complete an art and music lesson in BrainPOP

89 Buncee

Use Buncee or have your students use it to create an exciting and engaging presentation. Free and paid plans available


BYOT: Bring Your own Technology:   Have students use their own technology device in classroom activities.  (FREE)