Solar System Hyper Doc

Solar System HyperDoc

This activity is designed to reinforce content related to the Solar System and develop technology/desktop publishing skills.  This activity is completed in Google Drawings.  Students need to insert text boxes and arrows to label the planets.  The activity also asks students to create shapes and lay them over the planets.  Students have to make the shape transparent and have no border so it appears invisible on the Drawing.  Then students add a hyper link to information that you want them to highlight about the planet.  Maybe you want them to find a Youtube video or a NASA resource on the planet.  The choice is yours.  Students can be as specific or broad as you would like for the Hyperlink.  

You could easily do this activity for any science diagrams like parts of an organism, water cycle, landforms, etc.

You could assign the template in Google Classroom.  Be sure to pick the option to make a copy for each student.  

Below is an example I made to show how this should turn out.  Please click the link and try out the hyperlinks.