Gimkit Creative World Bosses

Gimkit has always been awesome and engaging. It’s level of awesome and engaging has multiplied by unmeasurable magnitudes!!

With Gimkit Creative’s custom map and game designing tool I was able to build a map that is a replica of our own Mattei and Southard Middle Schools!

This game, World Bosses 3: Southard Mattei, incorporates actual STAAR reviews for all 4 core content areas. When you play this from your account you can use these Gimkit sets (linked below) or attach your own sets. I upgraded my Gimkit account so I was able to publish these on their public “discover” database of custom maps.

8th grade US History STAAR Review Gimkit set
7th Grade Writing STAAR Review Gimkit Set
8th Grade Science STAAR Review Gimkit Set
MS Math Vocabulary Review Gimkit Set

Links to all three versions of World Bosses are available below.