6 Facebook

Create a Facebook account for your class and post an update highlighting something positive happening in your class.   (FREE) 
“I am able to post information and respond to parents questions.” Kathy Johnston at Southard

7 Facebook PLC

Join a FB group of educators in your field and tell us about an example of how you learned from or shared with that professional learning community.  (FREE)
“This is a tool I use daily. It is a great place to have your questions answered fairly quickly. If I want to know what other music teachers around the world are doing in their classroom, this is where I go.” Alexandria Goldberg at Lowe

16 Flipgrid

Collect student responses using Flipgrid. (FREE)
“Perhaps one of the best Apps in my opinion, very friendly, easy to review, feedback and can help to develop writing and speech. I will use it many more times.’ Andres Aguilar at Lowe

10 Flocabulary

Engage students in a Flocabulary lesson, activity, or video.  (Has a free trial)
“The students loved the song and when we talked through the material, they mentioned things they heard in the song. I would absolutely use this again. I already have.” Adrianna Monge at Smith